Tribute to Kandee Johnson & Appreciating the People in Your Life

Hey Guys, Hope you all had a great weekend and Fathers Day...I hope you spent time with your dads (if you were able). I wanted to write about something today that has been on my heart and that is, appreciating the people in your life. Β You may not believe what I believe but I think God places people in your life to help you get through your time on earth...we are given families, friends, and are meant to have loving people around us.

One of the "beauty guru's" that I have looked up to since I started blogging was Kandee Johnson. If you have never seen her amazing Youtube videos or seen her Blog, you should DEFINITELY check it out. She is not only an amazing make up artist, and all around beauty expert, but...she's seems like an amazing woman. She has 4 children, and is always so bubbly and happy and spreading lots of love and inspirational words in everything she does.Β 

She lost her dad a few days ago. Just a few days before Fathers day. And, words can't even describe how that made me feel. I have never met Kandee , nor seen her in person...but through her videos and posts she puts out, I FEEL like I know her...and have always admired her. So, this Fathers day, I really wanted to just spend TIME with my dad because I feel like time is really the most precious gift we can give someone.Β 

I can't imagine going through what she must be feeling right now. And, her recent post on her blog was about her relationship with her dad and how she doesn't know when or how she will continue to write about beauty. I'd love for you all to see her blog and her post she wrote about her dad:Β

Just appreciate the people in your life, spend TIME with them...and love them. <3