The Soap and Paper Factory Hand Cream: Elegant Packaging Makes a Difference

Have you ever seen something and just wanted to buy it because of how pretty, or clever the packaging was?! Do you think packaging makes a difference on the sales of a product? …I am definitely someone who loves fancy , beautiful packaging. Take for example, when you are buying a gift for someone. For me, if I had the choice between a hand cream that was in a plain white tube that cost the same as a hand cream in beautiful packaging, I would choose the fancy packaging to give as a gift. Why? Because it looks nicer. I also like to set things out in my home for when guests come over…

I recently discovered this company , “The Soap and Paper Factory” which makes natural handmade products. Their packaging is Beautiful! Just take a look for yourself…

This is definitely packaging done right! I love the prints and fancy colors. The Soap and Paper Factory makes all sort of natural handmade beauty and home products like candles, perfume, room diffusers, shea butter soaps and more.

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