Tips for Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes!

Hey Guys! It’s Tuesday, hope you’re all having a good week. The weather has been beautiful here!! 70′s and sunny.

I received a question asking me “how I clean my makeup brushes?” Or, “do I have any tips to share for cleaning makeup brushes.” So, I wanted to explain my method. Many of you may already know how to clean your brushes, but for those of you who don’t, here are my tips and ideas.

First, the things you need are:

  • your dirty brushes
  • sink (warm running water)
  • paper towels
  • baby shampoo or general gentle shampoo (dish soap if you don’t have a gentle shampoo)
  • makeup brush spot cleaner ( MAC has a good one, Parian Spirit is my favorite, and I currently found one my Sonia Kashuk at Target)  This is only for spot cleaning.

To “lightly clean” and not “deep clean” your brushes in between uses, all you need is some makeup brush cleaner as I mentioned above and paper towels. Spray or pour a bit of the solution on a paper towel and the run your makeup brush back and forth over the cleaner until you see most of the product come out of the brush , onto the paper towel. Lay flat to dry on paper towel and you can pick up and use about 10 minutes later.

To deep clean I first run all my brushes through warm running water (avoiding getting the handle wet.) If you continuously get the entire brush wet, it can loosen the glue that bonds the brush together. You want tojust focus on running the bristles of the brush under water and not the entire brush).

Then I pour a little bit of the either baby shampoo or dish soap (If I use dish soap I use a pea size amount) into my hand and take one or two brushes and swirl them around in the soap in my hand.

Next, I rinse the brush under warm water until I see just about all of the bubbles, soap and product come out of the bristles into the sink, you can gently squeeze the bristles to get all of the soap out.

Finally, I lay the brush flat on a paper towel and on the counter to dry. I usually let my brushes dry overnight.

Repeat with all your brushes! :)

Check out Parian Spirit for their brush cleaner! It smells like citrus and is absolutely amazing.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to e-mail me at

LOVE, Lauren