How Eyelash Extensions are Applied and Why Choose Lovelo Beauty?

Hey Guys! I wanted post some information for you all today about how eyelash extensions are applied. I have had many questions about the application process even from my own clients who have never seen it done before. If you are considering having eyelash extensions done, this may also help you to see what a typical appointment is like.

**I just want to note that I trained through LAVISH LASHES. This video is provided on Youtube from xtreme lashes but it is not the exact company I trained with. That being said, this was the best video I could find online that displayed the procedure closest to what I do for my clients. 

I should also note that every place may have a little bit of a different technique, but you shouldALWAYS be laying down, you should ALWAYS have something placed underneath the eye on the lower lash line to keep the bottom lashes separate and your provider should ALWAYS be isolating one lash by one lash. Here is the video:


  • Silk and mink lashes which are luxurious, soft and lightweight as opposed to only doing synthetic lashes
  • Widest variety in length and curl for any type of lash look, from the most dramatic to the most natural
  • Mobile! I am  able to come to your home to do eyelash extensions for your convenience
  • Maximum fullness; time is not an issue meaning I do not count how many lashes I apply. I try to take as much time that is needed to apply extensions to all of your lashes. So you end up with very full lashes
  • Consult for free, any time any day; if you have questions and want to talk first, I am willing
  • Before and After photos are visible of my work so you can see samples
  • Love what I do and have fun meeting and getting to know all of my clients
  • Certified Professional through Lavish Lashes. I am trained and certified
  • After Silk Eyelashes
*** When looking for a service provider make sure they are certified and trained in lash extensions. Also, make sure you ask to see samples of their work first. You do not want to take risks with your eyes.  Make sure you go to someone who has had plenty of practice and knows the safety precautions.

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