Back to School Beauty 2012- Part 1

  Hey Guys!

It is that time…back to school season. Some people have already started school, others have classes beginning soon. Back to school was always a hard time for me. I didn’t mind school, but it meant the end of a free schedule and back to classes and homework. However, feeling and looking good can help make the transition easier. So, I want to recommend a few products I’ve been using recently that are great anytime of year, but also helpful for back to school time.

Today I want to talk about 3 skin, hair and mouth products I have used and would recommend. Tomorrow, I will talk about some makeup products I love for back to school.

First, check out the Tanda Pearl. A phenomenal teeth whitening system that will get your teeth brighter and whiter in minutes or days. This is perfect for fast results and a bright smile right before you go back to school,  if you’re just looking to make a great first impression or just want a brighter smile. :) It is enamel safe and easy to use. Whiten both the top and bottom teeth using blue light technology in one device. I have used several teeth whitening systems, and this is definitely the fastest, easiest to use, and  least sensitivity I’ve had with teeth whitening. The retail price of this system is $195.


The next item is a cool way to remember to wash your face. We all want clearer skin anytime of year and especially if you’re going back to school.  It’s the Clearasil® PerfectaWash™. The main feature of this is it’s automatic dispenser which gives you just the perfect amount that you need for your face to prevent overdrying.  It is a cool, innovative and pretty way to display your facewash on your bathroom sink. :) It is dermatologist tested and you can buy refills for the dispenser. The system comes with 2 face washes, Superfruit Splash and Soothing Plant Extracts. I saw this listed at $19.99 in Target. It may or may not be on sale on, it was when I checked! ;)

The last thing  I have to share with you is the Batiste Dry Shampoo in the scent blush.  I think dry shampoo is a must-have for everyone. Not only can you use it to liven up 2nd day hair, and get rid of oils. But, my favorite use for dry shampoo especially this one in blush is to use it to give my hair more volume. I spray it through my roots, rub it in,  and it instantly gives me volume. It also makes my hair smell nice. It’s a great way to make getting ready in the morning quicker! This retails for $7.99 and I found mine at ULTA. 

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