Burgundy/Red Nail polish for Fall 2012!

  Hey Guys!

I wanted to share my latest Fall nail polish love. Iโ€™m over bright colors and into dark rich colors. This burgundy/red color I found is my favorite right now for fall. The color Iโ€™m wearing is called, โ€œRed Zinโ€ from Sally Hansenโ€™s Salon Manicure line.

Not only do I love this color, but the nail polish brand itself is one of my favorites. This polish stays on really well, and doesnโ€™t chip off as easily as most other brands Iโ€™ve tried. It is a base coat, polish and top coat in one.

One tip I have to share is that ย many times ULTA stores have clearances on some of their discontinued or out of season colors. Normally, this brand Salon Manicure by Sally Hansen costs about $6.99- $7.50.But, I found this color on clearance for $1.99!

What are someย of your favorite nail polish trends and colors for Fall??

Love, Lauren

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