Beauty for Breast Cancer Awareness

  Hey Guys,

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I’m sure almost all of us know someone who has had breast cancer or currently has it. This type of cancer is very common in women and men, but more so in women. Actually, 1 in 8 women in the U.S are diagnosed with breast cancer in there lifetime. That’s a really scary statistic! Just like other cancers, diseases and illnesses , in order to find a treatment there needs to be awareness.

The beauty world always tries to get involved in bringing up the awareness of breast cancer by donating portions of their sales to breast cancer research.

A few  brands that I know for sure have joined in on this are Stila and Nails Inc. Two beauty brands like and use! Nails Inc has made a polish called “Pinkie Pink.” It is a really glittery pink. Check out my nails, I love this!! :)

Stila has a Positively Pink Set for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Blush and lipgloss for $18. Or, there is the Positive and Pretty Palette for $14.

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Love, Lauren