Drink MORE WATER for Beauty and Health

Hey Guys! Sorry , I have not posted anything for the last 2 weeks. I think that is the longest I’ve gone without writing anything. I’ve been very busy-but besides for being busy, I’ve had CRAZY allergies. Allergies so bad they interfere with my everyday life. The good news for me is I went to the doctor and she said she thinks I need to see an allergist, and a dermatologist since I have such sensitive skin, so that is scheduled for the upcoming weeks. Not a fun thing to have  for someone who tests new products all the time. :( Anyway, I’m back with a new post and something to share.


My news is about water and to encourage and tell you all , DRINK MORE WATER. It’s very basic but I want to share a personal story that may help encourage you to get more water everyday. Since your body is made up of approximately 60 % water, it is so important to drink it for your body to function correctly. It also helps with beauty in that it helps your hair, skin and nails grow , your skin to be clearer and more vibrant and helps shed excess fat build up.

Here’s what I recently went through and how water has helped SIGNIFICANTLY! I have always been a diet coke lover. I used to drink diet coke all the time and therefore wasn’t getting very much water per day. I would drink some water, and I’ve always liked tea so I’d have some of that too but… for the most part I was not getting very much just plain water everyday. Meanwhile- for the past year at least, I was getting HEADACHES all the time. Almost everyday. I started getting really worried and considering seeing the doctor for headaches.

Until, one day I was driving and I heard a nutritionist talking about how much water your body needs per day. She said, “take your body weight, cut it in half and that’s how many oz. of water your supposed to get per day.” So, I calculated in my head and figured out how many 20 oz water bottles I was supposed to drink per day.

Then, when I went in to get  massage later that day, my massage therapist told me the exact same words the nutritionist had said. “You’re supposed to half your body weight in oz of water a day, for it to function properly”.

After hearing this twice in one day, that day, I bought a 20 oz water bottle and started refilling it and drinking the amount of water that my body required. I also gave up buying diet coke, and have only had it on occasions now. Almost immediately, I STOPPED GETTING HEADACHES. And, since I’ve started this water kick…I have not had ONE headache. 

It’s INCREDIBLE to me that I have not had any headaches after getting them for so long. My body seems way more balanced, feels better and I just feel healthier.

So, the lesson here is… DRINK A LOT MORE WATER. I know  you probably hear it all the time ,butI dare you to actually try this challenge and see if it changes any issues that you’re having.Because, it completely solved mine. And, now I’m convinced that your body really does need lots and lots of water for your health and beauty. :)