Eyeliner and Extensions- What Type of Eyeliner Should I Wear With Lash Extensions?

Hey Guys! I get asked a lot of questions about eyeliner and what type is best when you have lash extensions. Even if you don’t have lash extensions, my recommendations may help you if you are considering getting extensions or just better understand eyeliner in general.

First, there are 4 common eyeliners out there. You have your:

Pencil Eyeliner which is very standard and basic, many people are familiar with pencils. Some pencils are smoother and creamier than others and some are made for the inner rim and some are not.

Liquid Eyeliner which is meant for creating sharp precise lines, very fluid and smooth . Often liquid is in the form of a pen.

Gel Eyeliner which goes on like a liquid very smooth and precise, but is a bit thicker and needs an eyeliner brush to dip into the gel and draw on the eye.

Shadow Eyeliner which is basically an eye shadow that can be used wet with a brush and creates a little bit more of a smudgy or smokey effect when applied.

The BEST for extensions is actually a Shadow Eyeliner. It is the easiest for most people to do, it is also the easiest to get off so you don’t have to rub at your eye and irritate the extensions.

The photo above is an eyeshadow palette. The two colors on the top row right side, ( a dark brown and black) would be the best choices when using and eyeshadow as liner for a natural look.

This is not to say you can’t use gel, liquid or pencil when wearing eyelash extensions, but the shadow liner will be the easiest to get on and off . On your lower lid, you can wear whichever kind of liner you choose since extensions are not applied to the lower lashes.

I hope this was helpful for some of you!! And, feel free to leave or ask any additional questions you may have.