Sigma Expert Brow ~Brow Design Kit

Hey Guys! One of my favorite tools for brows right now is theΒ Sigma Expert Brow- Brow Design Kit.Β I mentioned it in December when I was doing gift guides, but I wanted to make a video showing you exactly what’s in the kit , and what everything is used for.

I thought it would be helpful if you are considering getting this brow kit for yourself, or even just to hear some tips on shaping or filling in your brows. Β I hope you find this video helpful if you have any questions about eyebrows. Feel free to leave your comments and questions below.



To find this kit on Sigma’s website, go toΒ Sigma BeautyΒ ; then click on β€œwhat’s new” and , the brow design kit is one of the first products listed.Β :)

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