My Makeup Set Bag and Behind the Scenes at Photoshoots

Hey Guys! My little brother got me a “set-bag” for Christmas and I’ve been using it on almost every job. I feel like it’s mostly for hair stuff and since I do mostly makeup and only light hair, I’ve been using it for my Airbrush machine and throwing paper towels, foundation, a water bottle etc in the side. This is what it looks like:

However, when I do bring hair products it’s PERFECT because I can put hair brushes, hairspray, pomade, all sorts of things in the sides. I’ve also been using this bag to stick false lashes in too.

If you are wondering where you can find this bag , you can actually get it on Amazon at this link here.  It’s not very expensive and it really comes in handy.

I also wanted to share some other behind the scenes pictures of some of my makeup set-ups. :) Sometimes you gotta make due with the space that you have.

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Love, Lauren