GHD Flat Iron for Super Straight Hair

Hey Guys! If I was asked what one hair styling tool I wouldn’t want to live without. It would be my GHD Flat iron. The reason is, you can straighten your hair stick straight, and even put curls in it as well. I have tried so many different brands of flat irons but I feel like the GHD is honestly the best.

I’ve had an older model for the past few years and it’s never let me down. It heats up in seconds and has 1 ” plates that straighten hair perfectly. I recently was gifted the limited edition metallic rich ruby flat iron and it’s gorgeous. It’s always more fun in my opinion when your tools are a different color other than black! 

Here is the video I made demonstrating how easy it is to use the GHD flat iron and how I can create pin straight hair in just minutes.




I have had other flat irons in the past that snag or catch on hair and pull it out but the GHD seems to be built so well and has never pulled my hair while using it.

It is simple to use, there is only one on switch and it literally heats up in less than 20 seconds; it’s super fast.The great thing about that is, if you decide last minute that you need to straighten out your hair, you can get the job done in minutes. It also cools down very quickly.

Another great feature about the GHD flat iron is the swivel cord on the side shown in the picture above. For instance, while curling your hair if you are twisting the iron around, it is not going to get tangled up in the cord, the cord moves around as you move the iron. In my video I demonstrate this.

Thank you so much for reading . Go check out the GHD website and see what they have to offer. :)




Disclaimer: The GHD flat iron pictured above was sent from PR for Consideration. I am not being paid for this video. These are all my honest thoughts and opinions about the products as always. I had an older GHD flat iron for the past 3 years that I use a few times a week.