Jennifer Lopez Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hey Guys! The cover of Harper’s Bazaar with Jennifer Lopez inspired me to create a look like hers on the cover. She has these beautiful orangy-red lips and winged brown shadows. Now, you just have to bear with me. I do not have her skintone, hair or eye color so everything on me looks different than it does on her. But- the main point of this video was to share with you guys how you can create any makeup look you get inspired by no matter who you see it on!






The palette I used to create this look is the Lorac Mint Edition eye shadow palette.  And, the Revlon Lip balm stains.   The colors I used were Rendezvous and Romantic.

Here is the video tutorial:



Just know- YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL , you can try any look you desire, makeup and beauty should be fun- experiment, play. :)