Rimmel Show Off Lip Laquers-A-MAZING!

Hey Guys! Rimmel has done it again. Time after time, Rimmel impresses me. Some of their products are amazing quality at such an affordable price. My recent discovery is the Rimmel Show Off Lip Laquers. They are an incredible drugstore treasure!!

They have a very creamy texture, like a richer more opaque gloss-but not sticky. ย They are extremely pigmented and full in color and they stay on your lips for hours! The best part is that they donโ€™t get super dry like many long wearing lip products. These babies are amazing! They are about $4.99 a piece (at my local walgreens). I want one in every color.

In the photo you see to your left I have three colors and three swatches, the top one is Celestial, middle is Nova and bottom is Aurora. I chose these three colors because they are all shades I feel comfortable wearing day to day.

There are some nude colors as well as brighter more vibrant pinks and reds and deep plum shades. I think that you could find a shade to suit you no matter what skin tone.

Great job Rimmel! I love your lip products, concealer and eyeliners. Keep the amazing products coming!!ย :)ย Stay tuned for a new post very soon.

Love, Lauren