Hey Guys!

One of my favorite things to do on a quiet night in is search for new music and new artists. I love words, and music, so looking up lyrics, and new songs...listening to new talent really excites me. Tonight I found an artist named, Lenachka. I first discovered her song, "Edge of New York" on I-tunes so if you have I-tunes, I'd recommend checking it out!!

I believe Lenachka is going to be a huge  star in 2015. Her voice is really amazing, her music is very current,  and not to mention she's really beautiful. 

So, here are a few videos I found on Youtube that I loved of some of her recent songs and collaborations. I couldn't find my favorite one , "Edge of New York" , so be sure to check that out and download it on I-Tunes! 

Til my next post!