3 Life Changing Simple Beauty Tools

Hey Guys!

Are you ready for this? I have 3 products that may forever change your beauty routine. These 3 beauty tools have simplified by life and are tools that I use every single day when getting ready. These are also the 3 products I would say I wouldn't want to live without!

The first is the, Tangle Teezer. This detangling hair brush is the one and ONLY brush I used every single day. It is so simple, yet it's a dream for those of us with long hair. It easily detangles hair without tugging or pulling. It is so gentle, really lightweight and small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. It is by far my favorite hairbrush I have ever used, and probably the cutest! Just take a look at the fun colors they come in! Originated in the UK but you can find these at Sally Beauty Supply stores and Ricky's in NYC. 

Photo from : www.tangleteezer.com

Photo from : www.tangleteezer.com

The next is the, Beauty Blender. If you do not have one of these yet, shame on you! I'm kiddingโ€ฆbut seriously, if you use foundation, you NEED this in your life. I not only use this every single day to apply my own foundation and concealer, but I use it in my makeup kit on clients every single time I apply makeup. It's a teardrop shaped sponge, that you can wash out and re-use over and over. It blends makeup out perfectly, and quicker than brushes in my opinion It's so simple to use. Most people cringe at $20 price tag for one, but if you take care of it and wash it out, it lasts you a really long time! It's so worth it! Find these at Sephora or on the Beauty Blender website. 

Photo from: www.beautyblender.net

Photo from: www.beautyblender.net

And, last but definitely not least is the, Exfolimate. I don't know why I love this thing so much, maybe it's how simple, yet genius it is, or that I think it is the best exfoliating tool on the market at a very low cost. When I first heard about this tool that originated in Australia, I thought it sounded so silly. But, after one day using it in the shower I was hooked! It is a smooth stainless steel edged tool that gently scrapes and purges dirt and debris from your skin leaving you with softer, smoother, cleaner skin! It is gentle, and seriously, stupid simple. Make sure you use this in the shower after your pores have had a chance to open up for a much more effective exfoliating experience. I get asked all the time what my favorite facial exfoliator is, this is it! I use it every single day. You can find this on Amazon , at Walgreens or other retailers listed on the website. 

Photo from Exfolimate.comย 

Photo from Exfolimate.com 


Until next timeโ€ฆ 

Love, Lauren