3 Beauty Secrets to try Now!

Hey Guys!

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend. It's finally feeling like Spring and I'm so thrilled! Central Park is calling my name.

I want to share 3 beauty secrets that I swear by and have been routinely doing this past winter. You might have heard of some of these tricks, but if not-definitely give one or all a try this spring. 

1. Use a Humidifier. This has made this biggest difference in my skin and hair. I use a cool-air humidifier every night and my skin and hair always feel more balanced by morning. If I don't use one, I get really dry skin and my hair feels more brittle and prone to breakage. Give it a try! I bet you will notice a difference. :) 

2. Oil Pulling. Many celebrities claim to do this. This is where you take a natural oil, usually coconut and swish it around in your mouth for 10-20 minutes and then spit it out. It sounds gross I , but I have noticed a huge difference in my teeth and mouth. It makes them feel cleaner and whiter. It draws the bacteria and harmful toxins out of your body. The other health benefits of doing this on a regular basis are: Proper digestion, Healthier teeth and gums, better breath, moisturizes dry mouth, thicker, more lustrous hair , clear, radiant skin , mood, concentration and focus improvement. I've been using the Gurunada pulling oil which is a blend of natural oils and oil claims to have to swish for 2-3 minutes (which is much easier) . 

3. Cayenne Pepper in Lip Balm. Try this! Mix a tiny bit of cayenne pepper...and by tiny I mean TINY amount, mix it in with your favorite lip balm and apply to lips for a pouty effect. The intense heat and spice draws blood to the lips making them appear fuller and poutier. :)