Best Aesthetics and Beauty Services in NYC Part 2

I'm back to share with you more of the places I love to go for beauty treatments in New York. I love this city so much; there is so much to explore! 

Proper Puss-West Village: 

With it's unforgettable name and charming location you can't forget this place for the best laser hair removal and waxing. I had never, I repeat, NEVER had laser hair removal done in my life. I wasn't scared of the pain, more so just had never had the luxury of trying it out. The first time I went here, Rachael the owner, welcomed me with such enthusiasm and guided me through the whole process of how laser is done. I was immediately impressed with how cute and charming this place was decorated...and who doesn't want to spend more time in the West Village!? I LOVE the exposed brick and the artwork here, it makes it feel warm and cozy; a place you can really get comfortable and feel relaxed. 

You can get anything you want lasered or waxed here, and packages are offered if you know you want to keep up the treatments.  I think I'm already officially hooked on laser hair removal. I will be going back for another treatment soon and I can't wait! If you decide to check it out, tell Rachael that I sent you! :) 

For more information on exact location and services you can check out the website here. 


Trifecta Med Spa + Wellness- Downtown: 

Located in the financial district, a block away from Wall Street this beautiful Medi Spa offers a variety of treatments to keep you looking and feeling your best. They offer the latest and most cutting edge anti-aging skin care and body treatments. Cool sculpting, ultherapy, laser treatments, injectables, microdermabrasion, teeth whitening and more! The staff here is super knowledgable and experienced. 

For more information you can visit the website here.