WHERE HAVE I BEEN? Major 2017 Updates

Hey Guys!

First off, I want to apologize that it's been so long since I've blogged. I used to blog for years on a consistent basis and the past year or so, it's been a struggle to sit down and write. I think the biggest reason for this is time and that theres so much that goes on in one day, it's hard to even try to put into words everything I want to. So, I've been thinking...and I need to start sharing more which means updating you and posting a blog entry as frequently as possible. 

Second, this year has been pretty monumental for me. In addition to my amazing makeup career in New York, I started modeling again and got representation with an agency as a curve model. For years I quit modeling because I assumed I could never model beyond a size 2. But, the industry is changing, people's views are changing and a very positive movement has been happening the past couple years of more body acceptance and positivity on a whole. I think this is just amazing. And , for me...it's been super rewarding for me to be back in front of the camera as well as behind. I am so fortunate to be able to do both. :) And, I love it all. 

More to come on why this was such an accomplishment for me... and what it's inspired me to do. It's changed my life. And, this is part of the reason I'm writing again. 

Third, I want to make some updates to this site, which includes a section with my modeling work. I thought long and hard about having TWO separate websites, but why? I am doing all these things, and I want to share them all in one place so I will have a separate section for my modeling work. So, there is MUCH to come.

Be sure you're following me on INSTAGRAM @laurenolearybeauty if you are not already. I am on there every single day.... posting videos and photos all the time. 

Love you all