When things don't go your way....

Hey Guys!

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I saw some inspirational words today, and it prompted me to write a post on this topic. What do you do when things don't go as you planned?

This year, I had one of the biggest let downs happen to me ever in my life. In the business I am in , I am used to hearing "no" , and I'm used to things not going as planned, but this let down hit me harder than any had ever before. I can't say what it was right now , but I was up to be on a tv show that I thought could potentially really change my life, it looked like a HUGE opportunity for growth and exposure in my industry. I knew about it and went through the auditioning process for months, I was told I was one of the finalists, and to keep my schedule OPEN for a month and  a half for filming. But in August everything came CRASHING down. 

My grandmother who I was very close to passed away, and I flew home to spend time with my family, immediately upon returning to New York, I found out I had been released and wasn't going to be on the show. I'd say for a good week I was devastated. I had really gotten my hopes up HIGH for this, and with my grandmothers passing, I was extra sensitive. That whole week I questioned why I was in New York. I asked myself things like, what is really important? Why am I here? What do I do next? 

But as the fog cleared, I was able to see that it was probably not the right thing for me, and I accepted the fact that this opportunity wasn't meant to be. And, I  told myself...and KNEW that something better was around the corner. 

WE HAVE TO TRUST that things happen for our own good. If we choose to focus on the things we don't have or didn't get, we miss out on the beauty that is in our lives at the present moment.

WE HAVE TO ACCPET that some things are just not in our control and it is best to move forward. If we spend too much time thinking about the past...it holds us back from the best yet to come in our future. 

WE HAVE TO KEEP GOING! I realized that this thing that happened to me could have been a test. I think many people in my situation, at this point may have given up. This may have been the tipping point for many but I am resilient. I have gotten knocked down and picked myself up more times than I can count. And, that is what makes you successful... it's in the GETTING BACK UP! 

On another note, I recently found out I AM GOING TO SWEDEN!!!!! I was presented the opportunity a few weeks ago and I leave next month; I couldn't be more excited. I am going for work, but it will be an amazing adventure and I can't wait. 

I hope this was inspiring to some of you, and it gave you hope to TRUST the process of your life. 

Love you,