Beauty and Fragrance for Valentines Day!

Hey Guys, You may not expect to receive anything for Valentine’s Day this year, but here are some things I’ve come across in the last month that would make a great gift , (even if you have to buy it for yourself). This is also sort of my January/February favorites in Beauty.

The first is one has to be my favorite scent right now. It is the fragrance, “After my own heart” by Ineke. I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this scent, especially this time of year. It smells like sweet lilacs. It’s notes are Bergamot, Raspberry, Crisp Green Foliage, Lilac Sandlewood, Heliotrope and Musk. IT SMELLS SO GOOD!!

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The second gift item is a home fragrance. It is the Reed Diffuser by Alora Ambiance. These make a great gift for someone or for yourself because I don’t know who wouldn’t like something to make their home smell nicer. These are so fragrant, and look very nice as decoration too!! Alora Ambiance is actually based on of Minneapolis, right here! Go check out their fragrances if you have not yet!  I also hear the fragrance can linger in your home for up to 6 months!!

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The third recommendation is a must have hair item in my own personal opinion. It is the GHD Limited Edition Pink Orchid Flat Iron. I think my all time favorite flat Iron I have ever used is the GHD. It just always does the trick, is very sturdy, and heats up in seconds. I LOVE IT!! And, take a look at this cute limited edition one you can get at It has purple plates! It comes in this sturdy clutch like case to keep it in or use for makeup or other products when traveling. It’s perfect for a special Valentines Day gift for your teenage daughter, niece, friend, or definitely yourself too!

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Some of these products were provided from PR for possible review. I was not paid for this post and I only share products and items I would 100 % reccomend to you all!!

Awesome After Christmas Shopping!

Hey Guys, When trying to think of what to share with all of you after the long week of Christmas festivities...I figured I'd write about something that may help you if you are doing any after Christmas shopping.

Right now, there are SO MANY after Christmas sales. I received a few giftcards for Christmas and I'm so thankful I did because it was so much fun to go out and shop.

  • H&M- has FABULOUS sales on women's clothing right now..there are shirts for $7-10 dollars and jeans from $10-20. :) I stocked up on some pants, shirts, cardigans, and tanks.
  • Bath and Body works- has 50% off their candles and 75% off a ton of bath and fragrances.
  • Express- (my husband had a giftcard) has a bunch of sales on their winter clothes! 
  • Target- 50% off all of there Christmas items.
If you go out shopping you are sure to find deals. They are everywhere right now!!!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas...I took a little time off but now I will be back with more posts. :) Excited to write to you all soon.
If you know of any great deals on after Christmas shopping, post them below!! :)
Love LO
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Cheap Thrills from Target December 2011 ( Stocking Stuffer Ideas...)

Hey Guys! I shop at Target a lot; because it's convenient, inexpensive and has all the basics that you might need in one place. I want to share a few things with you from Target that would make great last-minute stocking stuffers, or even just give you some ideas of great items at low prices. :) 

St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub, Oil-Free

Trial Size St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub. I wrote about this scrub a few posts back but if you are looking to just "try" it, it's in the travel size product section for 97 cents!Infinity Scarves. $14.99  They come in about 8 different colors and are so fun to add to a neutral outfit. I like to wear a lot of black and grey, so adding a colorful scarf is a good idea for a pop of color!

Dark Blue Infinity Scarf.Opens in a new windowMossimo Cowl Neck Sweater. $20.69 I love these sweaters! They are 

Mossimo® Women's Ultrasoft Cowl Neck Sweater - Assorted colorscasual and cool and can be dressed up or dressed down and they're not too expensive. I like the button detailing at the end of the sleeves too! 

Elf Super Glossy Lip Shines. (I'm pretty sure these are $1.99) These are super inexpensive for a lip gloss and they're actually really pigmented! I remember grabbing one of these just to try thinking it'd be sheer but it's really opaque. I love them!! Anything from "ELF" is actually a really good value. ELF is inexpensive and the products do the trick!

E.L.F. Lipgloss 5 piece Superglossy - Plum

Icy Hot Patches (5 pack) $6.84 I usually get the generic version of these and they're around $4.00 instead. But, these work wonders on aching muscles. I use them on my upper shoulders and they feel amazing. 

Icy Hot Extra-Strength Pain Patches 5-pk.

Are you all as excited for Christmas as I am??? It can't come soon enough. :)


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The Lovelo Holiday Gift Guide 2011.

:) HEY GUYS!!  Christmas is 12 days you still have shopping to do? I posted a gift guide a couple weeks ago. But- I have yet another for all of you. This one has a few more items, both beauty and personal. Hope you ENJOY!!!!

What are some unique ideas some of you are gifting this year??


Love LO

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Happy Thanksgiving! Sigma Black Friday Deal and More...

Hey Guys! Hope you all have had a wonderful Thanksgiving, (if you celebrate ). I can't wait for tomorrow..I have something super fun planned, I bet you can guess what it is. Here's a hint!

  I want to share with all of you that SIGMA is having a special deal for black Friday.


Sigma's brushes are absolutely fantastic, great quality, cute packaging and amazing prices for full sets. When you are checking out you must use this code. BF2011

That will get you free shipping on everything you order tomorrow black Friday. Here is the link, go check out what they have!


Have an awesome night!!!

Love, Lauren 

Holiday 2011 Beauty Gift Guide-Teens and 20's

Hey GUYS! I have a fun video for you all today. I put together a few of my favorite beauty things that would make great holiday gifts at multiple budgets for a girl in her teens or 20's. I will do a few more of these videos featuring different age groups. 

Hope you all enjoy this. I put links in the video. So, if there is anything that peaks your interest, you can hit the pause button and copy the link. :) If you have any questions, as always, feel free to e-mail me or, post them in the comment section.




Target Tuesday: Holiday Beauty Kit's for under $40

Hey Guys! You all have heard me rant and rave about Target. I love finding beauty deals there and I think there are some fantastic beauty holiday gift ideas for very reasonable prices.

Most of the time when you have to do a gift trade with someone at the Holiday's it's around the $20-50 range on average. ALL of these items below I am going to show you are under $40 or under. 

Pixi Beauty has some really fun sets. The Ultimate Beauty kit is $40 and this contains so many color choices for blush, eye shadow and lipcolor. This would be a great starter makeup kit for someone or just a makeup lover's addition to their collection!

Pixi's Endless Silky Eye Pen Taster Trio contains 3 shades of eyeliner making it a great little set! A blue, black and brown. This retails for $15.

The NP Over the Rainbow Palette has a beautiful array of colors for the girl who can never have enough eye shadows. This is a great set because it works with every eye color. The colors are stunning. This is only $20, sold at Target!

The Holidays are coming fast! Find these great deals at TARGET before they are gone! :)


Hope for Women : Beauty and Crafts with Purpose

Hey Everyone! I was so excited to hear about this business. And, I'm very excited to share it with all of you.

It's called, HOPE FOR WOMEN. They are a member of the Fair Trade Organization and distributes products that are handmade by disadvantage women worldwide who receive sustainable employment by making these beautiful products.

All of the women are paid a  fair, livable wage under safe and healthy working conditions.

The products are sold in mainstream marketplaces. In Minnesota you can find these products at multiple locations including, Whole Foods, Seward Co-op, The Wedge, and more. There is handmade jewelry, cards, key-chains, and other knickknacks.

The incredible women who make these products come from Columbia, India and El Salvador.

Not only are these products fair-trade and  handmade by disadvantaged women worldwide but they are all eco-friendly and very creative and beautiful.

I love the concept of Hope for Women and I'm glad that I now know about it.


If you know of any other organizations, businesses or beauty lines doing fabulous things for others, giving back, or helping the disadvantaged, let me know about them! I would love to learn more about them and write about them so that I can do my part in spreading the word!

For more information about Hope for Women please go to :

Thank you all for reading; have a wonderful week!!!




Live, Laugh, Learn~ A Philosophy for the New Year!

Hey Guys! I can't believe we are about to celebrate another new year. Tomorrow (New Year's Eve) will mark the date of my wedding, 1 year ago...and will be Royce and my first year anniversary. This past year flew by, and I feel like so much has happened. We moved to Vancouver and back, got our own apartment, started new jobs, I graduated college and Royce began his masters program.

In the spirit of making New Years Resolutions, how about making a resolution that you can keep for once?!

  • LIVE
  • LAUGH and


Philosophy, the bath and beauty brand will be launching their "new years resolution trio". This consists of 3, 16 fl oz. shower gel/shampoo/bubble bath bottles.

Here is QVC's Whole You Weekend Showcase where you can find more information on all the products they will be featuring:

The Philosophy Shower Gel/Shampoo/Bubble bath Trio's make a great gift and these 3 in honor of New Years reminded me that you don't need elaborate resolutions. Make the resolution to Live, Laugh and Learn.

  • Live (Fig)every day to it’s fullest.  Wake early to watch the sunrise.  Sing out loud and long…
  • Laughter (Pomegranite) is the best medicine.  Laugh until you cry.  Let your smile light your eyes and curve your lips…
  • Learning(Cranberry) is growing.  Learn to say hello in another language.  Pick up a new hobby…

[slideshow] These 16 oz bottles last quite a while and come in the most delicious scents. I love these 3 Cranberry, Fig and pomegranate, because they're not as sugary sweet as some. They smell very refreshing and delicious. They are great winter scents to keep you clean and smelling great in the months to come!

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FTC MAN- I was sent the philosophy products for possible review. My thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are honest and true and I was not paid for this blog post.

 What are YOUR plans for  New Year's Eve??


Last Minute Holiday Deals and Gift Ideas Part 2


Hey Everyone!

Lyrics by the Inspirational India Arie:

There's Hope

Back when I had a little I thought that I needed a lot A little was over rated, but a lot was a little too complicated You see-Zero didn't satisfy me A million didn't make me happy That's when I learned a lesson That it's all about your perception Hey-are you a pauper or a superstar So you act, so you feel, so you are It ain't about the size of your car

It's about the size of the faith in your heart

There's hope It doesn't cost a thing to smile You don't have to pay to laugh You better thank God for that There's hope




Off in the back country of Brazil A met a young brother that made me feel That I could accomplish anything. You see just like me he wanted to sing He had no windows and no doors He lived a simple life and was extremely poor On top of all of that he had no eye sight, but that didn't keep him from seein' the light He said, what's it like in the USA, and all I did was complain He said-livin' here is paradise He taught me paradise is in your mind You know that

Every time I turn on the T.V. (There's Hope) Somebody's acting crazy (There's Hope) If you let it, it will drive you crazy (There's Hope) but I'm takin' back my power today (There's Hope) Gas prices they just keep on rising (There's Hope) The government they keep on lying but we gotta keep on surviving Keep living our truth and do the best we can do

I used to have this song as my phone ringtone about 5 years ago... i heard it the other day and it made me think that it's a good song lyric to remember at this time. Christmas time...when we should be thankful for what we have and not focused on what we still need.

So it's the EVE before Christmas Eve... and I still have some last minute gift ideas for anyone needing a girly kind of gift, or stocking stuffer.

  • Spongeables. I've said it before, I'll say it again. I love this company! These sponges are already loaded with soap and you can get tons of uses out of them. They make great soap/sponges for travel or for at home. I have a few Christmas ones that I am absolutely in love with...Christmas shapes for the Christmas season. You can find these at stores like ULTA, WAL MART and RITE AID.

  • Another gift Idea is Tocca fragrances that are found at Anthropology stores. Fragrance always makes a wonderful gift because it's something you can really get a lot of use out of. Some girls are picky but others like a variety of fragrances so something with an ornate bottle for on top of a vanity is always a lovely gift. I love the Tocca brand because of the beautiful packaging as well as wonderful product scents. Anthropology stores carry Tocca frangrances along with other wonderful unique gift ideas for the trendy girl.

  • Ulta stores always have great deals this time of year. Right now, if you spend $30 or more on a fragrance you get a free bathrobe. It seems like every time I go into an Ulta store they have some kind of great deals on cosmetics, hair, or nail products. Love this store.
  • Barnes and Noble is my home away from home. I think any girl/woman  could find a book, or magazine that they would like at this store. They also have really cute office supplies, journals and music if the person you're buying for doesn't enjoy reading. But a good book or journal is always a memorable gift. :)
  • Sephora. I could go on and on about things to find in this store...they have something for every budget. The Sephora by OPI nail polish make great stocking stuffers. Sephora always has a section of smaller (less priced) product items by the registers. Check those out too!

Have a wonderful day shopping or with family and friends! I'm going to go enjoy mine.

Love LO

Last Minute Hot Items and Gift Ideas for Christmas Part 1

Hey Everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. Royce and I are trying to furnish our apartment slowly but surely. We managed to get 2 tables into our place this weekend and hung our stockings up for Christmas. So, this place is starting to look a little more homey. :)

I have some ideas for last minute gifts and some are products I have tried and love. <3

Buxom City Slickers. You guys may have seen me RAVE about the Buxom Glosses back in this post:  I LOVE these glosses and mini lipsticks. This pack of 4 glosses and 4 lipsticks is only $39 and can be found at sephora! It makes the best gift for a beauty lover!


The colors are so amazing, and I love the creaminess of these glosses and lipsticks!

Arm Candy Bags by SAKroots. These bags are so cute and are made with beautiful printed artist designs. They are only $49! A great size bag and a great value. Go to


100 Percent Pure Deals. You all should know by now, I love this company. I love the products, the fragrances, and the concept behind the line . Go to to read more about them and here is the latest deal being offered.

And finally, stop in at a LUSH store near you. They have pre-packaged/wrapped holiday  sets that make great gifts. And for the girl who likes lip products try the BON BON lip scrub. A sugary sweet exfoliant for your lips that will make them soft and smooth!!

Happy Holidays!! Merry CHRISTmas..

xoxo. LOVELO