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Spring 2012 China Glaze -Crackle Glaze Sparkle Nail Polish

China Glaze® has released a new sparkle crackle glaze nail polish for spring 2012. The colors are bright, spring like, and extremely sparkly. Lately, I have been loving glitters and sparkle for nails so I wanted to show you these beautiful shades that are limited time released colors by China Glaze®. The China Glaze® Crackle Glitters collection will be available as open stock colors and four-piece counter display.  Individual polishes retail for $9 MSRP and will be available at fine salons and beauty supply stores nationwide in May 2012. 


 Colors are:

  •  Luminous Lavender: Luscious light purple
  • Jade-d: Radiant bright green
  • Glam-More: Bold fuchsia
  • Gleam Me Up: Bright sky blue 
Have a beautiful Monday!
Love, Lauren

Walk on the Wild Side- Braids and Animal Print

What’s your favorite Spring trend this year? I have been seeing a lot of braids, neons and bright colors,  and animal print is always a trend for spring and summer. So what did I do? I combined three trends: braids, bright colors and animal print and spiced up my normal hair and nail routine.

Instead of the normal ponytail, I decided to create a ponytail, braid my ponytail and loosen it up for a different braided type of look. I was inspired by Katniss’ braids in the Hunger Games. She sports a variety of different braids in the new Hunger games movie. 

For my nails,  I took one of my favorite bright colors of the season, orange, and KISS  leopard print nail decals and created this fun nail look. 

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Kiss Nail Dress- Stickers for your Nails!

Hi!! I’ve been recently trying a new nail product. They are nail stickers that come in different designs and styles, and give you an instant manicured look without waiting for drying time. Nail Dress by Kiss are fun to spice up your typical nail polish routine.

These are SO easy. They come in a few different sizes, you choose the ones that work best for your nails…peel and stick. One trick is to use acetone or nail polish remover on your nail right before you place the sticker. It helps it stick better!

After you apply the sticker, you simply file it down to fit your nail. Mine have stayed on a good 3-4 days. They say they can last up to 10…but I’d say plan on a good 3 days that you can go without having to change your nail polish or design. They will start to peel at the edge of the nail..

I have tried the Sally Hansen Salon Effects, and I really prefer these Kiss Nail Dress to them. They seem a bit stickier and longer lasting. 

I received these to try from the LOVE VOXBOX that sent me to review and give an honest opinion. If you want to become an Influenster and see if you can try anything to review go to their website! Anyone can sign up. Once you sign up you start unlocking badges by taking surveys. If the team would like you to review something they will contact you!

If you would like to see more about the KISS Nail Dress go to:


Love, Lauren

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Change up your Nail Routine and Biotin for Strong Nails.

Hey Guys! I’ve been really into trying different trends and ideas for my nails. My last post was about the KISS nail dress stickers that come in different designs.

Recently , I learned about CND (Creative Nail Design)’s Color and Effects. They have many different nail polish colors along with many different over lay polishes that change the way your polish looks. I chose to do the colors:

Raspberry Parfait Color with Ice Blue Shimmer Effects polish over top which changes the pink polish to look a little more purplish when the light hits. I also spiced up my nails by painting the ring finger with Poppyfield from CND.

I think it’s fun to change up nail styles, because there’s a million fun things to do with your nails. 


Have you heard of Biotin?? We all have this in our  bodies but some of us have deficiencies of biotin so taking an extra supplement can have multiple benefits. One being nail growth and strength. Biotin is good for your hair skin and nails so if you notice you have thin splitting nails, this may help give them more strength and help them grow faster!

I started taking some biotin supplements about 2 weeks ago and have already noticed a difference in my nails feeling stronger, and growing more quickly.

Love, Lauren


(C) Lovelo Beauty 2012 



Amazing Drugstore Nailpolish: Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro Nail Laquer

Hey Guys, Make-up and lashes I get, but nail’s have always been difficult for me!!!

Especially finding a good nail polish that really lasts on my nails. I have ranted about having a difficult time finding long wearing nail polish before. It seems as if I’ve tried every nail polish brand out there…drugstore and high end. But, believe it or not I have found one that is super cheap and absolutely does the job for me!

The Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro Nail Laquer is amazing nail polish!!! I randomly picked up the wild orchid shade when I saw it and loved the color. I realized it lasted on my nails 4 good days and I definitely could have left it on longer, but when I get one or two chips in it, I always feel the need to remove it all and start again. These retail between $3-5 depending on the store and location

Lasting Finish Pro Nail Lacquer

I went out and got 2 other colors just to make sure it was not just a fluke that this nail polish had lasted so long on my nails…(4 days with no chips at all is REALLY amazing for me). I got the French Rose color which is just a french manicure soft pink color and the posh pink. I tried both and they wore exactly the same! These are long wearing, have a super glossy finish and come in a really chic pretty bottle. They’re inexpensive too!!   

I can’t say enough good things about this nail polish. It is my new favorite! There are not a ton of colors to choose from  , but hopefully they will make more soon.

What do you think of the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro Nail Polish ? Have you tried one yet? For $4 it’s definitely worth at least checking out once if you too are frustrated with your nails!

Love, Lauren

(C) Lovelo Beauty 2012

**This was not sponsored and I was not paid for this review. I paid for these products myself and all opinions are my own. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish PRO- Wild Orchid

Hi Guys, I wanted to share my nail polish color of the moment. It is Wild Orchid by Rimmel London, Lasting Finish PRO. This is my first time trying any of the nail polish by Rimmel London. So, I wanted to see how they work!

These nail polishes cost around $2.97. :) This color caught my eye...and the fact that it said, "up to 10 days" on it. Hopefully it will last a few days longer than some other polishes I've tried.

I also really loved the polish bottle and brush on this. It is a thicker brush which I feel makes the nail polish go on quicker and less streaky.

I guess we will see how it goes! There were a few other colors from this collection that looked really pretty. So if I like it , I may have to go back and get more. :) Here is the website where you can check them out: is another one of the colors I really wanted to try! It's like a greyish taupe.

Has anyone used this polish before? What do you think of it??

Have a great night!


(C) Lovelo Beauty 2012

Sparkly Glitter Nails for New Years Eve

Hey Everyone! If you don't want to put glitter or sparkle into your clothing for New Years Eve , you can add glitter to your nails! Sparkly nails is one of the best ways to add some fun to your outfit for this special night. I love anything that sparkles... here is the nail look I came up with for my fingernails, and how to achieve it. 

What you need for this look is , Orly's- Dazzle (silver color) and Nicole by OPI -Come in from the coal'd, a top coat like Olry's Polishield, a sponge, and Beauty Fixations Nail Polish touch-ups (optional).

First, take Orly's Dazzle and paint your nails with 2 coats. Let that dry

Then, Paint a small amount of Nicole by OPI's Come in from the coal'd on your sponge wedge and tap it on top of your nails. This will give your nails serious sparkle. Let that dry.

Then, apply a top coat to seal everything in.

Finally, if you want use the nail polish touch-up wands to go around your nails and get rid of any mistakes. :) 

Here are the colors I used and some other fun sparkly colors for New Years Eve: From Left to Right 

Nicole by OPI Brilliant Idea, Nicole by OPI Come in from the Coal'd, Nicole by OPI I love you Cherry Much, Orly Bubbly Bombshell, Orly Dazzle                                                                                                                                               

Talk to you all soon!! XO


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Monochromatic Nails / Ombre Nail Trend!

Hey Guys, I have been seeing this nail trend on a few different websites and really thought it looked cool so I tried it one day for myself. Here are some photos I found of the trend. It is the Monochromatic/ Ombre Nail Trend. Pick your favorite nail color and paint your nails in a monochromatic color scheme starting with the color you like. Light to dark or dark to light.


Here are mine (not as good, but still an attempt) I had to do it from the colors I had available to me at home. 


Also just wanted to share my devotion I had. It is so fitting for me, I had to share it with all of you. 

Handing Over the Prisoner

“If I forgive him, how do I know anything will change? I mean, I can’t just let him off the hook . . . can I?”
Nancy Leigh DeMoss: We all have a natural desire for justice to be done, and it can keep us from forgiving other people. We think that if we offer forgiveness, it means they’ll “get away with it.” The problem is, we’re putting ourselves in the position of a bill collector.
Romans 12 has something to say about that: “Never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, ‘Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.’”
When we forgive someone, it’s like taking a prisoner who’s been in our custody and handing him over to the One who is truly responsible and able to mete out justice.
Have you been holding someone in the prison of unforgiveness? Remember, that’s not your job. As you let him go, you’ll find that you’ve been set free.

Nutra Nail Gel Perfect- NEW PRODUCT

Hey Guys!  In the November issue of InSTYLE Magazine I saw an ad for a brand new nail product. I immediately knew I needed to try this product. The Nutra Nail Gel Perfect. I have told you guys before that I am always looking for something I can do to my nails to keep polish on for longer than a day or two. 

I tried the Salon Perfect Sally Hansen nail strips and did not get the results I wanted. They chipped shortly after I applied them just like nail polish does. 

The Nutra Nail Gel Perfect is an AT HOME gel nail process. I got this for a little over $12, so I figured it's worth a try if it can save me the money of going to a salon to get gel or shellac nails!!!

The Nutra Nail Gel Perfect nail product is UV free so you don't need to buy a light to use. 

Here is my experience so far:

LOVE. I am into day three of having this on my nails and my nails still look perfect. It was very easy to apply, it dried quickly and it seems to make my nails a bit thicker and stronger which I do not mind.

I got the sheer pink. It was very sheer and I definitely had to do 2 coats. I think I could have even done 3 coats. But, I definitely want to try this in a darker color as well to see how many coats are needed. I have not removed this yet so I will have to do an updated post telling you about my final thoughts on the product.

Just wanted to let you all know that this product exists! The Nutra Nail Gel Perfect. I got mine at CVS, but I've heard they sell it at Ulta and probably other drug stores as well. I did NOT see it at Target. 

Hope you all have a fabulous Monday! Talk to you all soon.

xo, Lauren

Beauty News: Good , Bad, and Project Accessory

Hey Guys, I have LOTS to share. First off, did you hear about the new show coming out, "Project Accessory" ? HOW FUN! It's a spin-off of Project Runway but all about shoes, handbags and jewelry. I can't wait to see that!

I also have a couple of things to share that I recently tried and am in LOVE with. 

The first is EOS Everyday Hand Lotion. Lotion - NourishIt is absolutely AWESOME. It's the perfect size to put in your purse, or even carry in a pocket. It's so small, sleek and the smell is SO GOOD! I know that the EOS hand lotion comes in a cucumber and a berry blossom scent but the regular (blue-bottle) smells amazing! It is not greasy and feels amazing!

The other product is the Keratin Complex Volumizing Dry Shampoo Lift Powder for Blondes.This product is very unique for a dry shampoo. It has a little powder brush on the end that you just use on your scalp . The product is inside the brush when you shake it. It comes in blonde, brunette and neutral. It helps give my hair a fresher look, less oily, more healthy!  

Last, I wanted to share with you all that I did not like the Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips. I tried them a few days back and shared in this post: The problem was, they did not last! I applied them exactly how it said on the box and did everything I thought was right, but at the 3rd or 4th day they started chipping and I felt like I needed to take them off. VERY disappointing. But, I guess that means I'll have to try Shellac or gel. 


Have a great night!

Love, Lauren




I'm Trying It: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips

Hey Guys!  No Matter what topcoat or products I try, my nail polish always chips and starts to look bad only after  a day or two. I still have yet to try Shellac or Gel nails, but my first step is to try the Sally Hansen Salon Effect Nail Polish Strips. 

If you HAVEN'T heard about these yet, (I'm shocked), I'm kinda late at jumping on this bandwagon and trying these. But, they are nail polish strips that you apply on your nails and there is no waiting or dry time. There are different patterns and also solid colors. 

There is my hand with the strips applied. And yes, I am holding my hand up to my lips, I don't know why....BUT, you get a pretty decent idea of what they look like, it just looks like I painted my nails. I am hoping this will last longer than a week at least. It'd be nice to not worry about my nails for a good 7 days. 

They were pretty easy to apply, but I will keep you guys posted on my opinion about this product. It has gotten a lot of GREAT I am looking forward to the next week of my "perfect nails". :)

Talk to you all soon.