My Handbag Loves- Spring 2011

Hey Everyone! I love handbags. When I was young... I used to say that one day I would have my own handbag line. I love how creative you can get with them; I love that they are something you don't have to try on; I love that they are something you put your personal things in. :)

Classic or are a couple of handbags I love for this spring!


This bag is from the Prada 2011 Fashion Show. Wouldn't this make an adorable bag for books or folders? Upscale school bag maybe? photo found at

This is from Mulberry Fashion week Spring 2011. I know this is a little gaudy but I think with an understated black outfit this would be the cutest evening out purse. It's fun, girly and definitely an eye catcher. I found this photo at :

And finally, these two classic and fun Spring 2011 beachy type bags modeled by the beautiful Kate Moss. I found this image at

There we have it. Just a fun-springy blog for all the handbag lovers out there like me ! :)



Tangle Teezer- Hurt Free Hair Comb!

Hi Guys! I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I have something to tell you guys that's super awesome! The bad news is, I've been sick in bed since yesterday. I have done pretty much nothing all day but sleep. The doctor says I have bronchitis. :( My throat and chest hurt so bad and I can't sleep without taking NyQuil. The only thing that feels good right now is putting a hot rag up to my nose and mouth and breathing in the steam.

I did take this down time to paint my nails a festive SPRING color. I chose Orly's Lollipop. It is a light lavender. I took an Orly blue shade called Snowcone to paint just my ring fingers. Both of these colors are from the SWEET collection.

Here's the EXCITING product alert! This past week I have been amazed by a little comb called the "Tangle Teezer". One of the most annoying things to me is brushing my hair after I get out of the shower. Long hair is a nuisance to comb or brush when wet because it's just a tangly mess!

Honestly, I'm so excited to have one of these because it is the best for hurt-free detangling! It is the only comb I've ever had that does not hurt my head. AMAZING.

The lightweight teeth in this comb are made to keep your hair healthier by not snagging or breaking your hair as you comb. The other great thing about this is that it feels like your giving yourself a scalp massage every time you use it!

Heres some more photos:


You can find out more about this Tangle Teezer on :

Also, on the website it says it can be found in some Sally Beauty Supplies Stores.

Love and Tangle Free, Lauren

FTC: I did receive this product for review; but I was not paid for this post. This is my honest opinion as all of my postings are.

What I love about the Fall & Illumenature Candle Review

Hey Everyone! I think Fall IS my favorite time of year. When I try to put into words what it is I love about it all I come up with is a jumbled list: I love the weather, the cool crisp air, scarves, boots, sweaters, candles, the colored /falling leaves, pumpkins, APPLES, baking and a time for exciting new opportunities.

My husband and I went to pick apples about  a week ago...I love these sort of activities!


Another fantastic thing about Fall is the cool air and burning candles inside your home to make it warm and cozy. I got the opportunity to try some soy candles from Illumenature.  These candles are hand poured using 100% soy wax, as well as premium scented oils & color.

Here is the assortment I received:

The scents are: Campfire, Cherry Tangerine, and Garden Mist. The first thing I noticed about these candles are the cute simple packaging. They come in really nice glass jars with a steel suction top for storing. I love the colored ribbons around each one.

CAMPFIRE was my favorite. This is a great Fall Scent. I love the colors, brown and orange and the smell definitely reminds me of the fall. It has a burning wood, and crisp fall leaves smell all wrapped into one.

 If I were to recommend one candle of them all to have in your home this fall it is the campfire scent. I will be burning this one every day that I can! Campfires just remind me of good times.. you can make such great memories sitting around a campfire! :) I definitely would love this one in the larger size because I know I will go through it fast. Also, I love the fact that these candles are made of soy/natural ingredients.

This size is the 8 oz size and on the website it costs... $11.99. They are also available in 20 oz sizes.











The other two scents the Cherry Tangerine and the Garden Mist Look like this close up!









They both smell absolutely delicious but just in a different way than the campfire. Cherry Tangerine is a very sweet fruity smell. This would be my second favorite scent to burn.

The Garden mist is a bathroomy scent in my opinion. It smells good , it's just floraly and fresh smelling like you'd expect a bathroom to hopefully smell!!!! :)

Both of these are the 8 oz size and are $11.99.

The Illumenature candles come in some GREAT scents for fall besides campfire: Cinnamon Sticks, Banana Bread, Buckeye & Pumpkin Pie! YUM! Pumpkin pie candles always smell SOOOO good and the Cinnamon sticks candle I've heard great things about on Elle Fowler's beauty blog.

If you are interested in taking a look at these candles...go check out  to take a look at all of their scents! 

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Disclaimer: I was sent the Illumenature candles on a review consideration basis. I was not paid for this and these are my honest opinions.