Interview with Fab Over 40 Blogger- Kari Solynjes

Hey Everyone!

Today I have a special post for all of you. I had the pleasure of interviewing Fab Over 40 Blogger, Kari Solyntjes. Kari is based out of the Twin Cities and her blog gives women (particularly 40+ women)  practical but fabulous insights into maintaining their beauty without feeling like surgery or injectables are their only options. 

I discovered Kari’s blog about a year ago when searching for other beauty bloggers in the Twin Cities area. I was impressed with the content and beautiful layout and design. If you have not yet discovered Kari’s beauty blog go over and check it out!  Here are the questions and answers from our interview; enjoy!

1. What inspired you to start a beauty blog for women over 40 and have you always enjoyed writing?  Funny thing is, before I started blogging I never wrote. I began my blog 4 years ago after reading them for about a year. I could never find anything that was for women over 40- who have different skin and beauty concerns than say a 20-year-old like most of the beauty bloggers were back then.  I thought if a 20 something can do a blog, why can’t I?

 2. Who are your beauty and style icons??   I love Ines de La Frassange and her book Parisian Chic: A Style Guide. She is the quintessential natural beauty who is happy with her looks and style.  My mother was an incredibly beautiful and fashionable woman, too. I think it’s difficult to find a good role model of a natural looking beauty. Years ago many women used to try to emulate the looks and styles of many celebrities, but now it’s more difficult to find as so many have altered their faces and some are even quite unrecognizable. 

 3. Where do you get your inspiration for your blog posts?  Really everywhere – from color in nature or a product or just seeing a new collection of beauty can get me going. I’ve always loved the colors and textures of beauty and have been obsessed with good skincare since I was a pre-teen.

 4. What are your must have beauty products?  A good sunscreen is an absolute must, especially after having pre-melanoma twice I just don’t mess with that. There are some good ones from Aveeno – Obagi, just depending on what you want to spend. My Clarisonic, Kate Somerville ExfoliKate is something I have been using for several years since she came out with her line about 4 or 5 years ago – nothing compares to it.  I’m obsessed with Dior’s Capture Totale Night Cream, and Lancome Renergie Lift Volume Neck Cream. I always use a serum, eye cream and face moisturizer which can rotate quite a bit since I test a lot products.

 For makeup my favorite concealer is Le Metier de Beaute Classic Flawless concealer. It’s a perfect combination of creaminess/coverage. I rotate my foundations quite a bit depending on what my skin is like that day, but one I go-to quite often is Chanel Perfection Lumiere. Can’t live with out my Dior Universal Brow Styler. I don’t have any specific favorites of the rest of my makeup, but there are a lot that I use and love.

 5. What types of things do you enjoy when you are not blogging? Of course my family. I have two grown sons and my husband and for them to have this girly-mom/wife with all these beauty product, I think they just roll their eyes at me sometimes. Interior Design. I have worked in the interior design business in some form for nearly 30 years. Maybe that’s why I have an obsession for makeup colors and textures!

 I really enjoyed the opportunity to interview Kari! Go check out Fab Over 40 and see the questions Kari asked me. :)  



(C)Lovelo Beauty 2012

Color, Color, Color ...Inspirational Photos

Hi Girls and Guys! I am so lucky to have so many amazing friends and people who read my blog posts. :) Keep telling me what you love, and I will keep writing as often as possible. If you didn't see, yesterday, I posted an interview I did with makeup artist Jemma Kidd! 

This is unrelated to my post yesterday, but I wanted to show you some photos I found that make me want to wear color all the time! Here are some inspirational "color" photos .

These images just SCREAM Spring and Summer...they put me in the mood for COLOR! :)



Makeup Artist Story- A poem

A woman who is confident and kind is the best kind of customer to find.

A woman who doesn't care whose feelings get hurt,

and anything that comes to mind she feels free to blurt.

No matter what she tries on or what she wears...

My patience is something she often impairs.

She's not very nice and actually quite cold,

numbers matter and in the end, how much is sold.

This kind of customer saps the fun out of my work

and makes me feel like just like any other cosmetic clerk.

I want to make people smile ,and  look at themselves and grin

to give them the confidence of gorgeous glowing skin.

Confidence is something that comes from inside,

I can make you look pretty but your insecurity will not hide.

So be kind to everyone that you meet, those who try to help you out

Because otherwise you give me something more to write about.


You can't take a chunk out of the middle of the lipstick, don't even try,

or I'll have to stop you, and don't get me started by asking me why.

Please don't second guess if you come to us for tips and advice,

I shouldn't have to keep going over my reasoning more than twice.

I do this every day and only want to help you out,

so don't come in and complain, or scream and shout.

Love your makeup artist  and be kind to all,

and you just may walk away with quite a big haul. :)




Beauty from Within- A Poem


Hi Beautiful friends!

I was very inspired today after going to work with about 15 really truly beautiful women and men. We all contain such complex characteristics and personalities and it made me realize that beauty is very apparent in those who are so sincere and kind.

I found a cute little poem online that I wanted to share with all of you:

The Beauty Within By Eileen Ramage ©1996

 Such beauty that lies within

No joy that can compare.

You can search the world all over.

You won't find it anywhere.


You may like the shine of diamonds,

The glitter of pure gold,

A body that is beautiful.

Nice things that you can hold.


All these things are fragile.

Get old and pass away.

But the beauty that lies within us

Lasts forever come what may.


This rare and special beauty

Can lay hidden from your view.

I know that you can find it

By searching within you.


Great joy I know will follow.

Your life will now be free.

The serenity that you'll feel

You then can share with me.  


Have a wonderful night! I'll be back tomorrow to share more with you all. xo



Psalm 45:11 The King is enthralled by your beauty, honor him, for he is your lord.