American Idol

Jennifer Lopez's Style on American Idol

Hey Guys! American Idol starts up tonight. I don't watch a lot of TV but when I do, I love to watch reality singing shows, award shows, or anything dealing with style and beauty.

One of the main reasons I love watching American Idol is Jennifer Lopez. I used to love it for Simon Cowell smart and funny comments...but now, it's fun to see what Ms. Lopez will be wearing, or how she will have her hair and make up. She's a style inspiration for sure!!!

She  looks absolutely gorgeous all the time and is always switching up her hair and make up style, it never seems the same one week to the next. 

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So, will you be watching American Idol tonight? And, if so what is your favorite part of the show??


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Repair Hair with Marc Anthony Damage Repair

For the past 4 weeks I have been using the Marc Anthony Damage Repair line. Today, I'm very sad because I ran out! I have been so in love with this shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner that I have not used much else!

The most important factors in a shampoo and conditioner for me are that:

  1. It leaves my hair soft and silky and never greasy or gunky. Make sense? I want to feel like all the product is out of my hair when I'm out of the shower and my hair is dry.
  2. Both shampoo and conditioner help my hair feels stronger and easy to brush through.
  3. They have to smell nice!

Those things are really all I ask for. And, do you know how hard it is to find shampoo and ESPECIALLY conditioners that leave my hair soft and silky, easy to brush through and not heavy or weighed down? It's difficult. And, when I find one I love I'm so happy!!

The Marc Anthony hair care website says this about the line, "The Damage Repair line is made to wash away the daily toxins that eat away at the hair allowing it the opportunity to heal. Vitamin B5 and Soya Bean helps to stimulate circulation and moisturize from the inside out as well as help to protect hair’s elasticity and reduce breakage."

I would highly recommend this line to anyone! You can find these at select Ulta stores, CVS , Rite Aid, Duane Reade. Here is the Marc Anthony Hair care Website:

After all, every woman wants her hair to look this healthy and strong!!

Have a wonderful day!!

Love, Lauren


Former Makeup Artist, Pia Toscano kicked off American Idol

American Idol

Hey Guys!!

Ok, so I have a confession to make. I love American Idol this year... I think the talent is great and the judges are fantastic and entertaining. On tonight's elimination, Pia Toscano was the one to leave which left me more than disappointed.

I don't usually get that "into"  tv shows. I prefer movies. But, there's something about American Idol and watching people perform that is just so entertaining (and I think some of the rest of you can agree). I am not usually one to voice my opinions on things, or get bothered by something on a "show". But, with Pia leaving it has left me feeling really disappointed. I have been watching the show many times to see what fantastic ballad she can tackle or how much she is going to sound like some of my favorites, Whitney, Celine and Mariah.

My husband and I always get into little arguments about how he enjoys "male singers" more and I enjoy "female singers". It's about relateability. What can I blast in my car and sing along to. I'd rather sing to a female voice personally. So, where am I going with all of this? My favorite singers are the female stars who can REALLY belt out those notes. I have never on American Idol seen someone who I thought could sing like Mariah Carey, or sound like Celine Dion. I think Pia is that talented.

She may need some guidance in her career and with her talent, (like all of us do) but I think she has great things ahead of her. I write about this mostly for selfish let out my disappointment. But also because this is a "beauty" blog... Pia has a beautiful voice and is a beautiful girl. I wanted to share my opinions. 

Enjoy three incredible songs...(and tell me she is not fantastic!) I'd give anything to have a voice like this...

Love & God Bless, Lauren