Color Trend Spring 2012- Neon and Neutral

Hey Guys! Just wanted to take a few moments to share a trend I am seeing for spring 2012 and one that I love! NEON and NEUTRAL. I like the idea of  wearing all tan’s, khaki’s or cream colors and accessorizing with neon green, pink, yellow or blue! :)

Check out a few of these photos I pulled as inspiration of the neon and neutral trend from 

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Love, Lauren

(C) Lovelo Beauty 2012

Thank you Nina Francine! Photos for website...

Hey Guys, I have been in the process of creating my new website: It should be up within the next few days (I HOPE).  

I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Nina for her wonderful photos she took for me for my upcoming website. I have not had photos taken in a while, and she did an amazing job. Here are a few more that I didn't post the other day:


I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!!



Where do you find your Inspiration to Create? MissGlamorazzi Music Video

Hey Guys, This is kind of a different post than your used to seeing, but I figured I can do a few of these from time to time. What I will be doing is showing you a look I created with my hair/makeup/accessories etc that I got from some outside source of inspiration. 

Yesterdays inspiration was Ingrid (MissGlamorazzi) on YouTube. If you guys are not clued into the You Tube world, and you don't know who she is, she's a really adorable, amazingly talented YouTube Vlogger. I recently got addicted to her videos when she did something called "Vlogmas" where she vlogged every day of December until Christmas.

It's almost like watching a really great reality show and her main guy friend "Luke" who also has a YouTube Channel was in almost every one of her videos. Turns out, they are now dating and they also do music videos together. It's so cute and definitely makes good entertainment!

Their latest music video was a re-make of "Back to December" by Taylor Swift. I really liked Ingrid's, hair and makeup in this video and it inspired my "look of the day". Here is the video. Watch it if you have not seen it! And, I highly recommend both Ingrid and Luke's Vlog Channels on You tube. They are vlogging every day of 2012, and they are really fun to watch!!

Here's the video:


And here are some photos of the look I created based off Ingrid's style in the video:

Have a great night everyone!! 

Love LO

(C) Lovelo Beauty 2012

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8 Beauty Trends Women Wear and What Men Think of Them.

Hey Everyone! I saw an article today, 8 Trends Women Love and That Men Actually Hate. So, after reading this article I got a bright idea. Why don't I ask my husband Royce what his thoughts are on these 8 trends. I didn't tell him anything else just to tell me his thoughts on each of the trends.

Here is what his responses were. These were his exact words. I jotted them down as we spoke.

8 Beauty Trends:

1. Glitter-  "Don’t like it. Only if it's hardly noticeable, but then what’s the point of using it?  It just get’s on you…

you can’t get close to a girl cause you get glitter all over you."

2. Two toned lips - " I hate that. Gross."

3. Rosy cheeks- "I don’t mind them; as long as there not super red…I don’t mind a little blush."

4. Bold eye shadow- "I don’t like the weird colors."

5. Thin eyebrows –"No, don’t like them. They make you look very unnatural; fake."

6. Neon lipstick-  "probably not, never seen it on an average person. No, Ugly."

7. Bumps in hair-  "Ugly... the snooki poof, Ugly."

8. Heavy foundation and powder- "The worst. It’s the Worst, it just looks like you’re trying to cover up something. And , if you look like that all a guy can think of is, what is she trying to cover up?"

So, there were the results to my questionnaire with my husband and his thoughts on these trends. This is not to say you should take his word for it; because after all , since when do we let a man decide what we wear ?

Take these responses to heart, but also take them lightly. ;) You decide.

Hope you enjoyed. Talk to you all soon.

xoxo Love Lauren

Winner of the Biopelle Giveaway

Happy Sunday EVERYONE! I will be back tonight because I have an awesome story to share with all of you... but, this post is about the WINNER of the Biopelle giveaway. I am really excited about this one because these products are truly amazing.

So...the winner is ANDREA D!!!!!!! Congratulations Andrea! I am so excited for you to try these Biopelle products out. E-mail me an address where I can get your products shipped out to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for being a subscriber, and taking part in this giveaway.  I appreciate everyone who entered and if you didn't win, there will be more giveaways to come....

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