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Favorite Summer Beauty Products- My Recommendations!

These are my favorite beauty products for summer and the products that I would recommend!

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A Little Bit of Organization/ Bathroom Counter Makeup Storage

How do you organize your make up and beauty products? What does your bathroom look like and how to you store everything? Well, these are the questions I am very interested in. One of my favorite types of YouTube videos to watch are those showing how people store things in their bathroom and closets.  I recently went to "The Container Store" and absolutely fell in love with it. I could have been in there for hours looking around at all the cool and unique items and ideas for storing things. 

This morning I made a video showing how I organize my day-to-day make up vanity (which happen's to be my bathroom sink) It is nothing special, but it has helped me a ton to put things in certain organizers so I know exactly where they are.  (On a side note- I have a lot of products, this is from years of collecting make up and beauty products, working in the industry and reviewing things. )

Here is the video clip:


I'd love to know some of your ideas for storage!! :)



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Hey Everyone! So, as promised I want to tell you about the great opportunity Biopelle has given me. If you have read my previous blog posts , you know that I have been using some products from Biopelle's skin care line and I blogged about some favorites in this post:

Take a look at this post and read about these skin care products I have been LOVING. They are the :

  • AFA Cream Cleanser with Dead Sea Minerals - one of the BEST skin cleansers I have ever used. Takes off make-up effortlessly and feels comforting and rich.
  • AFA Ultra-Rich Moisturizer with Dead Sea Minerals- rich and hydrating.
  • Tensage Intensive Ampoules- these are highly addictive! Leave your skin soft and smooth.

Everything I have used from Biopelle so far has been gentle, and comforting for my skin. I have more sensitive skin and have had no problems whatsoever with any of these products. They have only seemed to help restore the smoothness and moisture that my face needs.

Now onto the giveaway! Biopelle is going to be giving away all three of my favorite products to one LUCKY subscriber.  Seriously guys- you want to enter this one...these products are AMAZING. You will win all three of these products.

Here's the Rules to enter:

  • Be 18 or older
  • Must live in the U.S  (Biopelle will only ship in the U.S)
  • Must be a subscriber of mine :) - because I like to give away things to those who are subscribed (You may subscribe if you're reading my blog for the first time and enjoy it! )
  • Must "like" Biopelle" on Facebook- here is their link.
  • And, answer this question below: What is your favorite skincare line over the counter or high-end. If you don't have a favorite, which skin care line would you like to try???
  • *** bonus- I'll add one more way to get a second entry. If you mention this link to my blog post : on your facebook or own person blog I will put your name in twice!!

And that's it! This contest will end in two weeks. So, that's Sunday October 24th!!! ENTER ENTER ENTER because these would be fabulous to win! I LOVE them. <3

Any questions feel free to e-mail me.