Drugstore Concealer: Physicians Formula Concealer Twin

Hey Guys! It may seem like I’ve been talking a lot about drugstore make up lately, but…it’s true, I have found a lot of great products at the drug store!

I always use concealer. Even if I don’t wear a lot of foundation, a little concealer can go a long way. For the most part, I have always used MAC studio finish or moisture cover concealer. They usually do the trick. I also love Bobbi Brown’s correctors and concealers! But- it’s really nice when you can find something really inexpensive that does the trick. 

I recently went to help my mom pick out some new make up. We ended up getting the Physicians Forumula Concealer Twin in Yellow/light. It has two ends which help correct and camouflage different areas.

When we got home , I tried a little on myself and quickly realized I loved the texture, consistancy and coverage of this concealer. It’s more drying than most , but goes on smoothly. It also dries down matte, which I personally like when trying to conceal areas. 

I’ve found too many times that concealers for me just glide off my skin, or are too creamy. I would not recommend this for dry, mature skin types. I would recommend it more for those who get oily, or have combination skin.  At my local Target this was close to $7. 

The pinker side is perfect for concealing small blemishes and to brighten under the eyes. The yellow side I use in very small amounts to conceal any areas that appear a little more pink like around the nose, and cheeks.

I hope this review was helpful!!  Have you tried this Physicians Formula Concealer Twin??

Love, Lauren

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**I was not paid for this review, all opinions are my own thoughts and personal experiences with this product.

Follow up! Target Goodies: Skin Renew & John Frida Go Blonder

Hey Guys! I told you 10 days ago about two things I picked up at Target. Here is the follow thoughts and feelings about these products as I've been using them. And, this time... I LOVE THEM BOTH!

The Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-dark circle roller with a tint (concealer).  I love this product. I got it because I wanted an eye treatment/concealer that's fast and easy and I can carry in my purse. I like this one because it is very cooling. The silver roller ball feels so nice and icy underneath your eye an it's an instant brightener. The concealer in it is a light shade and I'm about an NC20 at MAC. It works perfectly with my skin. I think this concealer/brightener  would be great for fair to medium skin tones since it's going to help brighten the undereye. The concealer is also very light so it's not cakey. ***One thing to be mindful of; when I get this really close to my eye , my eye starts to water a little bit...not too bad, but a little, so don't use too much and if you are very sensitive be mindful. ( I am sensitive though, and it is not to bad...just something to be aware of.) :)


Next, the John Frida Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray. On a grading scale I'd give this product a B+. Here's why...The greatest thing is that for blondes who can't go into the salon every 4 weeks to get their hair touched up it helps to lighten the roots. I have noticed that for me with just 3 uses of this spray my hair looks blonder and my roots blend more. I LOVE this because I don't like the look of dark roots and since I can't afford always getting my hair touched up it's a cheap and easy fix.

The only negative about this product is that it lightens the hair but almost to a little bit more of a yellowish tint (a little brassy). So, what I've been doing is using my purple shampoo in between uses of this product. This helps to brighten the hair a little bit more and leave it less brassy and yellow. I did do a review of a purple shampoo here:

Overall, I would buy this product again.

Here is a video I've really been enjoying today. It's by beauty vlogger Dulce Candy called "How to Shop at a Thrift Store". The reason I love this video is because she gives tips on shopping at a thrift store. And, she shows what she bought on a recent trip. The handbags and clutches she found are to DIE for...and it totally puts me in the mood to go bargain hunting!!!

Enjoy.. I did! [youtube=]

LOVE Lauren