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Favorite Summer Beauty Products- My Recommendations!

These are my favorite beauty products for summer and the products that I would recommend!

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My Makeup Kit Collection- What's in my Zuca Artist Bag...

  Hey Guys!

For a while now, I've wanted to see some more videos showing what artists keep in their makeup kits. SO, I decided to make one myself. I also absolutely LOVE my ZUCA artist bag for storing all of my kit makeup in. The Zuca bag is awesome for storing all of the make up I need for work, and I would highly recommend it if you are a make up artist looking for a new storage case for travel.

Here is the video of all the products and a briefing through my Zuca Bag:

If you'd like to see this bag on the website and all the colors and styles it comes in go to: The Main Zuca Website.  

If you want to see my exact bag go to : My Zuca Artist bag.

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing this! Until next time...

Love, Lauren


Kim Kardashian's Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic shares his favorite Sigma Makeup Brushes!

Hey Guys! I have talked so much about Sigma and how much I love there brushes. Especially the sets. I get frequent updates from the Sigma  team and recently they have been working with Mario Dedivanovic. Mario happens to be Kim Kardashian's main makeup artist!! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Recently, he shared 5 brush picks from Sigma! I wanted to share them with you because if you are new to Sigma or to purchasing makeup brushes this may give you some ideas! :) Here are his top 5:

1. E35- tapered blending

2.E55-Eye Shading 

3. F35-Tapered blending/highlighter



I really highly suggest that you check out Sigma Brushes if you are looking for new makeup brushes and want ones that are quality and affordable. Check out Sigma Beauty.

Do any of you have makeup brushes from Sigma? What are your favorite??

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Pictures: Thanks to Sigma and

Anna and Brent Engagement Photos -Makeup Obsessed Monday

Hey Guys!

Today's Monday, so that means I will talk about something "Makeup Inspired". This weekend I did makeup for Anna who just got engaged this past week! The photos turned out beautiful and I wanted to show you all her makeup . We did a classic brown smokey eye with dark brown liner on both her top and bottom lid. We used a subtle bronzer for her cheeks and a really natural lipstick color.

Please check out my makeup page at and "LIKE" the page for updates! Great job Nina Francine Photography with the awesome photos.


Quick Touch Ups for Makeup Lovers- Beauty Fixation by Japonesque

ATTENTION: Makeup artists and makeup lovers... there is this cool new product that is like the q-tip but better! They are pre-fill cotton swabs great for on the go and for multiple purposes! You can remove makeup, add lip conditioner, use them as a treatment before and after tweezing your brows, and even oil for your cuticles. The line is called Beauty Fixation by Japonesque. They are perfect for the "makeup artist kit" or even your travel bag for on the go, easy non-messy beauty touch ups!

Each box comes with 24 swabs and they cost $5 a box on The different kinds are :

Makeup Remover/Touch ups- easily removes makeup!

Lipstick Touch up- quickly removes lipstick or touches up lipstick or gloss.

Lip Conditioner- Conditions and hydrates lips.

Nail Polish Touch ups- Easy to touch up and remove smeared nail polish on the go!

Cuticle Conditioner- Heals and protects cuticles.

Pre -Tweeze Treatment- Use before tweezing to help comfort and ease the pain.

They are very easy to use. You simply, hold the tip with the ring around it up...snap it off and the product flows down into the other end of the cotton swab which is the side you will use.

You  can find these at:   



Find more cool products at


Great Finds in June -Hands and Nails

Hi Beautiful Friends ! I appreciate all of your subscriptions and entries in my latest giveaway for Breda Watches! I will draw a winner in about a week and I'm very excited for one of you to win. Here is the link if you have not yet entered!

I want to share with you guys some of my great finds for keeping your nails and hands looking more beautiful. These discoveries will most likely be in my collection for a long time. 

Garden Botanika Skin Renewing Hand Treatment with AHA complex. This is a silky smooth hand lotion that really helps "repair" my dry hands. I actually keep this in my car to use every time I'm driving or going to and from work. I do this because then I know I will use it and I'm adding moisture to my hands and nails. This hand treatment has a very sweet citrus scent and leaves my hands feeling soft!  I also use this to rub into my cuticles for healthier nails!

Orly PolishSheild and Orly Flash Dry. Both of these contribute to shiny longer lasting polish! The Polish shield is a 3 in 1 topcoat that helps protect, prevent chipping, and add shine to polish. It is a quick drying formula and helps with color fading. 

The orly flash dry comes in a dropper bottle. This product helps accelerate recently polished nails. You just apply one or two drops over your polished nails to help it dry faster and keep the color locked in. This REALLY works. It speeds up drying time!!

I also picked up a nail color, that may not be so "summer-ish" but it's a beautiful color. It's OPI's Jade is the new black. I LOVE this color. 

Have a great night everyone!

Love LO

Interview with Make up Artist and Beauty Expert Mickey Williams

HI! Enjoy my interview with celebrity make up artist and beauty expert Mickey Williams. I hope you get some tips from her!

Mickey,  1. What 5-10 makeup or hair products are in your everyday routine?

I get so many products to try out and a lot of them are good but the ones that are great stay in my makeup bag whether traveling or not. I become obsessed. Currently I am on the road in Seattle and here is what is in my bag:

1: SkinCeuticals Blemish + Age Defense

Let's face it, I am not getting any younger but skin seems to think I am still at the age for blemishes. I am telling you right now this stuff works at keeping the bumps at bay and I use it religiously. The bottle lasts too.

2: Rembrandt Intense Stain Tooth Paste

I became a fan over a year ago and it helps keep my teeth bright through the periods before and after my whitening routine.

3: Cristophe Argan Oil treatment

Basically I do not think you would be able to get a brush through my hair without this in my beauty bag. I will even apply to my ends before a flight so they do not get even more dried out. Plus I love turning my clients on to it since you can get it at the CVS down the street.

4: Naturopathica Vitamin K Brightening Serum

It just makes your eyes look more hydrated and brighter. It works great under makeup and doesn't ball up when applying concealer or powder over it. LOVE IT!

5: Donna Karen Cashmere Mist Ultimate Moisturizing Bronzing Gelee

It makes anyone's pale legs, bad spray tan, or scarring look absolutely tan-fabulous perfect. It doesn't transfer too much and smells of the Cashmere fragrance to boot.

6: Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 lash boosting eyeliner and serum

AMAZING! The thinnest brush tip liner I have seen in a mass market brand and it has sim peptide to enhance lashes and also contains the long wearing Japanese formula that does not smudge.

7: Mister Bright by Givenchy

The best little twist pen concealer on the market. Lightweight formula that vanishes but still conceals. Tons of colors to choose from and the brush is smooth and targeted.

8: DermaQuest Skin Therapy Breathable Coverage SPF 30 Mineral Foundation

Basically anywhere I go this is in my bag. It offers UVA and UVB protection plus it stays on and in place for hours and hours.

9: Elnett Satin Hair Spray;jsessionid=nGPSMblTw1mxNLQDZtR11hQQ8yph87Z6jd0cfsr3dc0TV2z0kCqQ!506405230?filterBy=&skuId=719549&productId=719549&navAction=jump&navCount=3

It's the best at holding a style even through humidity but then at the end of the day it brushes right out.

2. As a creative person, what are some other creative things you like to do?

I absolutely love exercise and all things that simply make you feel more balanced. I was finding that work was eating up all my time last year and I made a swift change to be more centered with my body and energy. I cannot tell you how open and fresh my thoughts are due to this. I also like to walk everywhere. Sometimes with music and sometimes open eared to hear all the sounds. I love culture and find neighborhoods and different cities to be moving art. it's great to observe as an onlooker and take in the different styles and nuances.

3. What advice would you give to aspiring makeup artists?

Try every form of media you can when starting out. Meaning, fashion shoots, fill, TV, politics. You will find yourself naturally settling into a groove that will work best with your time and talent. Also, be prepared to go to work for free when you start out. You will have to hustle and keep your eyes out for upcoming talent like yourself. Ask to see a photographers' work before you give your services for testing purposes. Even if they are starting off as well, you can see their eye and talent and see if they are someone you want to grow with. My last advice may sound jaded but artists in this industry can be petty and cutthroat, trust your gut and still keep your eyes wide open. You will need to keep your focus on the job and get in and get out in order to succeed.

4. What is your top beauty tip? It can be anything....

My top beauty tip is centered around two but they really go hand in hand.

- There are NO rules in makeup. No right way to use the brush or color to apply. If you get what you want in the outcome it doesn't matter how you got there.

-It's also very important to realize that everything takes practice. Makeup takes practice. No one walk in on face #1 and applies a perfect false lash. It takes patience and investment. If you want a certain look, your eye and technique will aim for it with practice.

5. Tell me about one memorable job experience...

Celebrities are beautiful and used to getting makeup. They also are busy so you usually have to turn and burn them out and little talking or feedback is given until the end. It's always nice to have a big name in your chair but people who are in a life process have always been my most memorable experiences. I worked with someone who was experiencing the hard road of chemotherapy recently and taught a beautiful woman how to draw the perfect brow and set a perfect lash. We even did wig placement. After we were finished we did it all over again just to make sure she really had the hang of it. These kinds of jobs give back confidence to those in need and help me feel like today wasn't just about a superficial transformation. It reached deeper.

Thank you so much Mickey!

Love, Lauren

Sigma Travel Brush Deal & Tip of the Day

Hi Guys! I love makeup brushes. I don't know what I ever did without them. Well, I do know...I did poor makeup without them. When people ask me if they are necessary I say, " would a painter paint without his brushes?" I feel like it's the same need your tools to make it look professional!

On that note, I found out about a good deal. Sigma has their travel brush sets with 7 brushes and a case for $49 dollars. That is a GREAT deal. Normally they are $59 and I think it's worth that also, but right now you can get them for 10 dollars less. Here is that link.  It ends March 11th so in 2 days!!!!

I have talked about these brushes in the past in one of my posts. I did a giveaway at the time for one of these sets (that giveaway is over. )

The other thing I have for you all today is a little tip. I know people say this one over and over but it means more than you think. SMILE.

I cannot even tell you how a smile from a customer at work makes my day. Or, a smile from a stranger. It could be anyone, but a smile goes a very long way. :) I challenge you, smile at everyone you come in contact with . :)

Love, LO

Get Celebrity Inspired Jewels ~ Fantasy Jewelry Box

Hey! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I hope that no matter what happened this Christmas,  you are grateful. Holidays for me always speed by. There is so much anticipation looking forward to spending time with  family and a day off from work but then it's over in a flash.

I would love to hear from you guys, how was your Christmas? What was your favorite part and did you receive a gift that you love?

A few weeks ago a received a beautiful necklace and had the opportunity to learn more about a company called "Fantasy Jewelry Box." Fantasy Jewelry box is a website that features trendy, fashion forward jewelry as well as imitation gemstones and diamonds. The best part is, everything is at an affordable price.

Right now you can get Prince William's (Kate Middleton) inspired sapphire blue engagement ring for $39.95.Kate Middleton's Inspired Sapphire Blue Engagement RingI received this gorgeous  necklace and earring set which is the perfect accessory to a simple dressy outfit, a holiday party, or New Year's Eve Date. It is called the Engelika's Cluster Style Clear Rhinestone Necklace Set. It retails for $43.95.



 Engelika's Cluster Style Clear Rhinestone Necklace SetNow, the best part is... ONE OF YOU CAN WIN A PIECE OF JEWELRY FROM FANTASY JEWELRY BOX! I will draw a random winner in 1 week. The giveaway will end January 2nd and 12 midnight. The winner will receive a $25 gift certificate towards the piece of jewelry of their choice.

Here's what you need to do to enter.

  1.  Go to the Fantasy Jewelry Box Facebook page and become their "FAN"
  2. Must sign up for the Fantasy Jewelry box newsletter here:
  3. Must be one of my subscribers. If you arn't subscribed to my beauty blog and would like to there is a subscribe button at the top right hand side of the page.
  4. For extra entries you can go to : and tell me below which piece of jewelry you would pick out. And, you can to the FJB twitter page and follow them :

Please send me an e-mail ( letting me know you did these things, or leave a comment below. I will have no way of knowing who has entered unless you email me or leave a comment. Thank you guys! And Good luck!!

So, you can get 3 total entries if you do the extras in step 4.

This is a fantastic opportunity for one of you to win a free piece of jewelry that I'm sure you will love!! There is so much to choose from on the site! Happy Shopping!

Love LO

Last Minute Hot Items and Gift Ideas for Christmas Part 1

Hey Everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. Royce and I are trying to furnish our apartment slowly but surely. We managed to get 2 tables into our place this weekend and hung our stockings up for Christmas. So, this place is starting to look a little more homey. :)

I have some ideas for last minute gifts and some are products I have tried and love. <3

Buxom City Slickers. You guys may have seen me RAVE about the Buxom Glosses back in this post:  I LOVE these glosses and mini lipsticks. This pack of 4 glosses and 4 lipsticks is only $39 and can be found at sephora! It makes the best gift for a beauty lover!


The colors are so amazing, and I love the creaminess of these glosses and lipsticks!

Arm Candy Bags by SAKroots. These bags are so cute and are made with beautiful printed artist designs. They are only $49! A great size bag and a great value. Go to


100 Percent Pure Deals. You all should know by now, I love this company. I love the products, the fragrances, and the concept behind the line . Go to to read more about them and here is the latest deal being offered.

And finally, stop in at a LUSH store near you. They have pre-packaged/wrapped holiday  sets that make great gifts. And for the girl who likes lip products try the BON BON lip scrub. A sugary sweet exfoliant for your lips that will make them soft and smooth!!

Happy Holidays!! Merry CHRISTmas..

xoxo. LOVELO

Holiday Deals You Need to Know About. SIGMA and more...

Hey Everyone! There is a BLIZZARD going on outside where I live...

While I'm stuck inside, let me share a few beauty deals for the holidays!

SIGMA has the CUTEST pink brush rolls (a complete kit with 12 brushes + a bonus brush) for only $79. This is a FANTASTIC deal you can't beat if you are looking for a complete makeup  brush set for a special woman in  your life. 

This deal is only for the holiday's so get them now while they are $20 less than normal price!

Go to: to take advantage of this fabulous deal!!

Makeup brushes are never this cheap people. And to read more about Sigma brushes read my previous reviews here:

100 Percent Pure, another brand I adore is offering a free gift with all orders over $50. I LOVE everything I have tried from this company. Foundation, tinted moisturizer, body wash, body lotion, lip color pencils, I have been impressed with it all.  Check out their website. GIFTS ADORE Get Naturally Gorgeous with 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Cosmetics! The only thing better than one of our lustworthy makeup box gift sets is two - Our Gifts Adore value set lets you gift one to yourself and one for your best friend!  Each one contains everything you need to create tones of different looks, from a fresh face in the daytime to glammed up in the evening.

Tassi is offering 33% off for the Holidays!!

That makes each Tassi only $10. 04 ..this is a GREAT stocking stuffer or holiday gift for any woman. These make washing your face mess free!! No more getting your hair or bangs wet when you wash your face! If you buy 2 or more you also get free shipping!!

The SAK is offering free shipping on orders over $50. Plus go to , create and receive $10 off your purchase.

The SAK has some of the cutest bags and walletts! Like this one called the "Hazel tote" Go to

That's all for today! If I know of anymore Holiday deals or gift ideas, I'll let ya'll know ;)