Container Store

A Little Bit of Organization/ Bathroom Counter Makeup Storage

How do you organize your make up and beauty products? What does your bathroom look like and how to you store everything? Well, these are the questions I am very interested in. One of my favorite types of YouTube videos to watch are those showing how people store things in their bathroom and closets.Β  I recently went to "The Container Store" and absolutely fell in love with it. I could have been in there for hours looking around at all the cool and unique items and ideas for storing things.Β 

This morning I made a video showing how I organize my day-to-day make up vanity (which happen's to be my bathroom sink) It is nothing special, but it has helped me a ton to put things in certain organizers so I know exactly where they are.Β Β (On a side note- I have a lot of products, this is from years of collecting make up and beauty products, working in the industry and reviewing things. )

Here is the video clip:


I'd love to know some of your ideas for storage!! :)



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