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Beautiful Summer Makeup- Gorgeous Gold Trend

Hey Guys! While reading this months Allure magazine , I came across a makeup trend report. Flashes of Gold. I love this makeup trend for summer. It’s simple, glowy and beautiful.

All you need to do is sweep gold eye shadow across your eyelids , or a gold eyeliner, followed by mascara. You can use eyeliner with this as well but keeping it simple is what it’s all about. A quick makeup look that will be on trend and HOT this summer!!

This look was used on models’ in the Dior, Dolce & Gabanna and Marchesa runway shows.I think used sparingly, you can get away with wearing a gold color on your lids for daytime.

Gold is a great for any eye color but on blue eyes it is really going to make them POP.   It’s gorgeous for summertime.

What do you think of this trend? Would you wear it?

Love , Lauren

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The Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay

I did it. I bought the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. I know what you’re thinking, “Lauren, don’t you have enough make-up already??.”  My simple answer to that is, YES. I do have enough makeup, but here’s how I justified my purchase of the Naked 2.

  1. I am a makeup artist- it is my job to have a wide arrange of colors and variety.
  2. It’s my job to use the latest and greatest. I do reviews on products, and I enjoy being familiar with the best of the best in beauty.
  3. This palette is convenient. Neutral colors all in one place. Great for bridal makeup, smokey eye, or neutral everyday look.
  4. I can use it day to day for myself, or for work.
  5. The colors are beautiful! And , it was inexpensive compared to buying single eye shadows.

Need I say more? I’ve always been a MAC girl..and have many MAC eye shadow palettes so I sort of feel like a trader crossing over and buying Urban Decay eye shadows but it’s nice to diversify. :)

Tell me your thoughts on the Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay and if you have the original Naked Palette, which you like more??

So far, I am really impressed by the quality and color pay off from these shadows. :) I love all the neutrals and that it contains a matte bone color, great for highlighting and a matte black color, great for eyeliner or smoking out color.



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Eyeshadow Primers/ Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Eyeshadow Review

Hey Guys!! Have you been over to my new location for this beauty blog yet??? I will probably not be posting everything on here that I do on there...so please go over, check it out! http://lovelobeauty.com/main/wordpress/?p=236

I have a secret to share. This is one of the best eye make-up tips I can give you!!

And, it is…MAC paint pot in Painterly. It is my all time favorite all over eye base before applying eye shadow. I use it almost every day and can’t imagine life without it. 

This has been my all time favorite “neutral” eye shadow base/primer of any I’ve tried. But, there is a new drugstore product out there that is really giving the MAC paint pots a run for their money. It is theMaybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Eye shadows. I was very hesitant about buying one of these to try but they were getting such great reviews I had to try, and I am NOT disappointed. 

They are long wearing, don’t crease, go and smoothly and give really great color payoff. I still love my MAC paint pot in painterly because it’s neutral. But, these are really great for a pop of color, or a base for a colorful eye shadow look. The packaging even looks just like the MAC paint pots. 

So my favorite colors? Tough as Taupe which is a neutral matte greyish taupe and Too Cool which is a shimmery white. It gives a beautiful frosted affect. 

So tell me…have you tried these yet? If not..what is your favorite eye shadow primer??

Love, Lauren

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Photos courtesy of  maccosmetics.com and beautyjunkiesunite.com

8 Beauty Trends Women Wear and What Men Think of Them.

Hey Everyone! I saw an article today, 8 Trends Women Love and That Men Actually Hate. So, after reading this article I got a bright idea. Why don't I ask my husband Royce what his thoughts are on these 8 trends. I didn't tell him anything else just to tell me his thoughts on each of the trends.

Here is what his responses were. These were his exact words. I jotted them down as we spoke.

8 Beauty Trends:

1. Glitter-  "Don’t like it. Only if it's hardly noticeable, but then what’s the point of using it?  It just get’s on you…

you can’t get close to a girl cause you get glitter all over you."

2. Two toned lips - " I hate that. Gross."

3. Rosy cheeks- "I don’t mind them; as long as there not super red…I don’t mind a little blush."

4. Bold eye shadow- "I don’t like the weird colors."

5. Thin eyebrows –"No, don’t like them. They make you look very unnatural; fake."

6. Neon lipstick-  "probably not, never seen it on an average person. No, Ugly."

7. Bumps in hair-  "Ugly... the snooki poof, Ugly."

8. Heavy foundation and powder- "The worst. It’s the Worst, it just looks like you’re trying to cover up something. And , if you look like that all a guy can think of is, what is she trying to cover up?"

So, there were the results to my questionnaire with my husband and his thoughts on these trends. This is not to say you should take his word for it; because after all , since when do we let a man decide what we wear ?

Take these responses to heart, but also take them lightly. ;) You decide.

Hope you enjoyed. Talk to you all soon.

xoxo Love Lauren

Bright Lip Trend for Spring 2011

Hi! Many people ask me... what's the "trend" for lips right now? What is popular for spring 2011? My answer, bright bold lips! Not only do I see this trend in all the celebrity photos, magazines, runway and tv but I think this trend is so fun for spring. We are just getting out of a season full of dark colors , so adding bright bold splashes of color on your lips is a welcomed new trend!

Shades of bright fuchsia, orangey red, hot pinks, light lavender, corals and bubblegum pinks; they're all part of this seasons hot colors. Here are some inspirational photos I found.

Don't you love these bright pops of color?! I do...

Have a great weekend!!

Quote for today: If we only wanted to be happy it would be easy; but we want to be happier than other people. Which is almost always difficult, since we think them happier than they are. - Montesquieu



Beauty Gifts and Deals from Target!

Hey Guys!! Have all of you seen my last post? I am GIVING AWAY my FAVORITE FACIAL MOISTURIZER of the season. Moisturizer is so important this time of year and I have found one that I have been using for the past 3 months and absolutely love. It absorbs quickly into my skin, it is not greasy and this makes it  so I am able to apply my makeup right after.

One of you can win a bottle! All you have to do is be my subscriber and answer the question..have you found a moisturizer your love??? if so, tell me about it.


In other news: Do you all know how much I LOVE Target? Not just the Target Beauty product section :p but the WHOLE ENTIRE STORE. I love the feeling when I'm there...I love every department and all the great deals you can find. I ALWAYS find cute things at TARGET!

Right now, you can go and get GREAT makeup gift sets and products for stockings or gifts for the holidays. A beauty contact that handles JEMMA KIDD products and NAPOLEAN PERDIS and others contacted me with some GREAT videos talking about some fabulous makeup products you can find at TARGET! CHECK OUT THESE VIDEOS!


Two makeup items you should check out at your local Target are the Napolean Perdis, Eyeshadow Set in NEW NEUTRALS. It has 12 gorgeous neutral shades.


This retails for $9.99 US. UMM... Talk about a deal. Ladies-these are not just great gifts , get one for yourself! Great for travel, great for taking lots of colors along with you at an affordable makeup price! LOVE THIS!

Secondly the Jemma Kidd Mannequin Skin Complexion Enhancer is an amazing deal for those of you who like to have multiple colored concealers and color correctors on you in one easy palette. For $22 you get all 4 colors for color correcting in this cute little compact! And again, if you haven't seen...go up to the top and click on the video of Jemma Kidd showing off this cute palette!

Have a wonderful night everyone! xoxoxo LOVELO

Psalm 45:11/ The King is enthralled by your beauty, in all ways honor him.

MAC Eyeshadows: Top 10 Picks for Light Skin~Series

Hey Guys! Today, I want to share my Top ten MAC eyeshadow picks for light skin tones. This was a hard one to narrow down since I have light skin. So technically, these are my favorites.

Here goes the list:

  • Nylon- A shimmery pale yellow
  • Sketch- A deep sparkly maroonish purple
  • Woodwinked- A bronzy copper penny shade
  • Omega- A light cream/soft brown color
  • Wedge- A warm soft/medium brown
  • Texture- A sparkly warm orangy brown
  • Satin Taupe- A shimmery greyish purple
  • Sumptuous Olive- A shimmery olive-green
  • Brun- A dark matte Brown
  • Yogurt A pale matte pink.


Enjoy! And, if you missed my top 10 eyeshadow picks for fair skin tones you can take a look at that here: http://lovelo.wordpress.com/2010/11/15/mac-eyeshadowsmy-top-10-picks-for-fair-skinseries/

Talk to you all soon! xo


Quick Eye Makeup Tips and Techniques

A Red/Green/Violet color wheel

Hey Everyone!

I'm very excited about today's post because it's pretty much what I talk about every day and now I just have a chance to write it all down in a helpful (hopefully helpful little blog).

I really appreciate all of your questions! Thank you so much to those of you who write me... I love to hear from you guys. I got a question the other day from a reader and this is what she said:  

I rarely wear any eyeshadow ... and I am embarrassed to say that it's pretty much because I have no idea what the heck I am doing. Do you have any eye makeup/eyeshadow techniques so I don't look like a hooker??? :)

Yes, yes, yes, I do have some ideas and some things you can try. It's a shame when people don't wear eyeshadow because they don't think their doing it right. You gotta DIG IN and EXPERIMENT and I'm sure that you can get the hang of a good eyeshadow look for everyday.

Since she didn't address whether or not she wanted makeup tips for an everyday look or a night out look, I'll talk a bit about both. Here are some general tips.

  1. Make sure you are using an eyeshadow base or primer. In my opinion, it just doesn't make any sense to put on eyeshadow if it is not going to stay the way you put it on!! Eyeshadow bases make a HUGE difference. It's really simple, if you want your shadow to stay on all day, if you want it to look more professional, if you want it to stay the way you put it on and not get muddy and creased, USE A BASE! My favorite are MAC PAINT POTS...  they are awesome. Use a color like Painterly or Soft Ochre for light skin/groundwork for dark skin. All are great neutral bases.  (I'll put a photo at the bottom)
  2. Make sure you are using the right tools. I think eye makeup brushes make a HUGE difference when doing makeup. Two basic ones to have are a flat short rounded top brush for packing color on the lid and a longer fluffy crease brush for blending color into your crease. I will post pictures of 2 examples at the bottom.
  3. Mix Shimmery shadows with Matte Shadows. You can create a beautiful makeup look with just a simple shimmery shadow all the way across the eye. Or, after you apply the shimmer on your eye, use a matte shadow (something flat, without shimmer) and blend that so slightly into the crease. This will give the illusion of a larger more contoured eye.
  4. Don't be afraid of color. I think there are certain people who think they should be wearing a certain color eyeshadow , that there is one magical one for them out there that is going to be the best. No. Eyeshadow colors are just like color theory in art class. Basically, if you have blue eyes, an orange, bronze, or warm brown tone shadow is going to make the blue really stand out. Why? Because it is opposite on the color wheel. So, whatever color your eye is, look at a color wheel and the opposite colors on the spectrum are the color shadow that will make your eye color look more vibrant! Make sense? Another thing, because I say orange will make blue eyes look more blue, that doesn't mean you have to go get a bright orange shadow! There are shades of orange that are light shimmery and beautiful for an everyday eye look. One more thing, a blue-eyed person can look beautiful in browns, greys, purples, greens...any color as long as it is appropriate for the event..day or evening. This goes for every other eye color out there.
  5. When doing a smokey eye think simple. I think there is the misconception that a smokey eye is very difficult. Without going into much detail. Apply your base. Choose the color...MAC's knight devine, Twinks, and Mulch are simple choices. Pack on color only to a hair below where your crease starts. Then take a clean fluffy brush and starting in the crease just buff that line out so that its soft and smokey. Apply a dark eyeliner on top and bottom, add mascara. Boom. Done.
  6. Make eyeliner easy. I think eyeliner makes a simple eye look really pop! (I like the no-eyeliner look too, but I think I favor a little eyeliner, especially in the winter.) Choose a dark brown or dark charcoal, black if you're wearing darker eyeshadow colors. Gage your eyeliner to the depth of your shadow. Use liner a little darker than your shadow and always apply eyeliner after shadow to make it pop more! Eyeliner on top and a little underneath (not all the way across) will make the eye look more round. Eyeliner just simply on top will make the eye look a little more horizontal. Pencil is great, gel eyeliner is smoother , crisper and lasts longer if you can get the hang of it. Check out MAC's DIPDOWN fluidline. (Picture at Bottom).
  7. Finally, use a  light color for highlighting. A very light shimmery shadow, a shade or two lighter than your skintone will look great under the brown and in the tear duct area of the eye. This small step will pull any eyelook together fast.

Here are some photos:




Hope this was helpful! Talk to you all soon.


Bigger and Bolder with Buxom from Bare Essentials

Hey Guys and Gals, I remember years ago hearing about Bare Essentials. From what I knew, it was a mineral make-up line...and I'm pretty sure it is still known for its mineral makeup. But, there is something to be discovered out there from Bare Essentials at Sephora! Bare Essentials put out a line of products called, "Buxom" that are bold and fun!

Here's what I've tried and think is worth checking out from the  BUXOM line sold exclusively at Sephora stores.

The Buxom Lips. These Glosses are BEAUTIFUL. Not only do they look beautiful on and in the tubes, but they are smooth, and minty... giving your lips a little tingle and fullness. I have tried many lip plumpers and these are very gentle and actually make your lips look more plump! (My personal favorite shade I've tried is called Dani; a berry pink color).

Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick. No, it's not your average lipstick. It's tall, crayon-like and plumps your lips!! These have a slightly minty tingle like the Buxom Lips. They come in twist up tubes and all shades. They are very creamy and feel great on!



Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow. These eyeshadow are a mix between and cream and a mousse. They are light and fluffy and have the most unusual texture. They go on powdery and have the most beautiful shades and shimmers. They're colors are all breeds of dog's which is very unique. My FAVORITE so far that I have tried are the, Pug, which is a lilac-taupe color and poodle, a pale-golden yellow. ***Buxom also sells a special stay-there eyeshadow brush perfect for packing on the color!


Buxom Insider Eyeliner. These twist up eyeliners come in an array of beautiful shades and go on so creamy and smooth.



I have tried both the black pearl and blue jade. They all come in very beautiful gemstone named colors. :)

All of these products can be found on Sephora's website and here is a direct link to that page: http://bit.ly/cTmGaj

The Buxom glosses come in little gift set's and would make a great gift for someone!

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me amongst others from Bare Essentials. This is an honest review and I was not paid. I only share with you all what I have tried and tested and know to be true (in my opinion). :)


How Important are Makeup Brushes: PART 2

Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a safe last couple days with all of the Halloween festivities and things that people do. Bear was a bear for Halloween , he didn't even have to dress up!

Today, I'm going to be doing part 2 of my last post about the importance of makeup brushes.

I wanted to give you guys a little guide if you are new to buying brushes or just need a refresher on which ones are VERY important. I will be using examples from the Sonia Kashuk Brushes that anyone can purchase at Target stores. I have other favorites that I use and if you guys are interested in knowing those, then please ask me to do a separate post about those.

Here are the brushes I would buy if I were just starting out a kit and these are also the brushes I think make the biggest difference.

2 Powder Brushes. preferably one bigger than the other. One for powder or bronzer and the other for contouring blush or bronzer.

A Duo Fiber Brush. This is what I use to apply liquid foundation. I love the way I can buff  a liquid into my skin and make it look flawless.

A short rounded top eyeshadow brush. You definitely want a basic eyeshadow brush like this one to pack shadow onto the lid or sweep up under the eyebrow.

A long oval eyeshadow buffing brush. This brush is ideal for softly sweeping eyeshadow into the crease of your eye. It will give the effect of a soft diffused shadow.

A pointed oval crease brush. This brush is stiffer than the last and will distribute eyeshadow more intensely in the crease of the eye.

A pointed or angled gel eyeliner brush. If you like gel eyeliner or want a liquid eyeliner that gives you a smooth clean line, a brush like this or even slanted at an angle is a must-have. I have several because you do need to clean these brushes regularly.

And that's it! There are so many brushes out there. Many brushes can do many purposes...so there is no WRONG way of using a brush...if you can make it work, it just makes you all the more an expert. But, this was a basic guide to show you which brushes I think make the most difference on a basic level.

One more thing about brushes. It is so so so important that once you invest in brushes, you are making sure you take care of them. Clean them out regularly. I use MAC's make-up brush cleaner. But, you can also use a soft soap and lukewarm water and wash them out and leave them on a towel to dry overnight. It is best if you hang them off the edge of a countertop so they don't flatten. Also, never grind them into a paper towel or your hand when cleaning them. The gentler you are , the longer your brushes will last.

These brushes are all from the Sonia Kashuk line. The website is here: http://www.soniakashuk.com/

Talk to you all soon. xoxo


How Important is it to use Makeup Brushes?

Hey Guys! How important it is to use makeup brushes? Are they important? Can I just use my fingers...or a sponge or one of those little spongy eyeshadow applicator thingy's. These are questions I actually get all the time. The Importance of Makeup Brushes. And, which ones are worth buying??

Here's my answer:

There are many different companies that make makeup brushes but, we will get to that later.  The first and foremost important thing to know is that Makeup Brushes MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE when doing your makeup. I think that they are essential if you want a more well blended, professional, flawless looking finish.

Many people say, "My makeup doesn't look like yours", "I can't get mine to look the way I want", or just in general, "I'm not good at makeup". My opinion is that if you have a good set of makeup brushes and you are using them, you will get better results.

Synthetic or real hair...doesn't matter. Whatever you like better. Quality is Important though. How the brush is made  and the cost of the brush usually play a big part in a good makeup brush.

Here are some brands that are known for quality and some price ranges for the thrifty to the spendy.

Sonia Kashuk Brushes : These brushes are sold at all TARGET stores. They are good quality and made for the everyday woman to the experienced makeup artist. I have a set that has sleek white handles and here are some of the photos I have of these brushes. You can find just about every style brush you're looking for with the Sonia Kashuk Brand. They are well made and soft. These brushes range from about $4.99 a piece to $9.99.

They are definitely worth checking out if you want some quality brushes that won't break the bank.

Here is the Target Website that sells Sonia Kashuk: http://bit.ly/9gZ8bI

And the Official Sonia Kashuk Site:






 Another Brand to check out is Sigma Cosmetics! Sigma is based out of Minneapolis , MN which makes it an instant LOVE for me s since that's where I'm from.

Sigma has FANTASTIC brushes for FANTASTIC prices. They sell individual brushes as well as sets for home or travel. I LOVE my Premium Travel Kit in Silver. For $59 you get 7 essential brushes with a fold over travel bag and zip pouch inside for additional makeup. Brushes are sold on the Sigma website. Check out their site for more info! http://www.sigmabeauty.com/?Click=202

Most of my makeup brushes are from MAC. They are the best of the best. You are paying for quality with these brushes. Real hair, hand-made and they will last you for years!  Check out www.maccosmetics.com for more information.

I am going to be doing a PART 2 to this post since I still want to tell you guys what I think the  Top Essential Brushes to have in your kit are! So, stay tuned.

Disclaimer: I received some of these products for possible review. My thoughts are original and honest and I was not paid for this post.

Talk to you all soon!!

xoxoxo LOVELO