Inspirational Female: Kandee Johnson

Goodmorning Friends! I am so happy that so many of you read the words that I write and read the blog's that I post for you! I feel so blessed that I have found a hobby that I really love and that makes my heart happy. I always feel so encouraged when I read any messages or e-mails that I get from you guys saying how you enjoy my writing or you enjoy my tips about beauty. It's an honor.

Reading your messages and your kind words only make me want to open up more with you guys. It makes me want to share more of my life, my thoughts, feeling and loves. So, one thing that I want to do is share with you some women who I think are inspirational from time to time.

I have been following beauty guru's on YouTube and blog's for a little over a year now and one in particular has really stood out to me and I enjoy reading and watching the videos and blogs she posts so so much! Kandee Johnson.

She is a mom, a makeup artist, a you tube vlogger, blogger and so many other things. The reason I have chosen to share her with you all is because I see such a light in her, an honest woman in this world who is not perfect (because none of us are)Β but who really is doing what she loves and has such a talent to share with the rest of us!

Her makeup tutorials and tips and tricks inspire me to keep doing what I'm doing. Here are the links to her blog's and I'd encourage you to check them out!

Her makeup artist blog:

Her personal blog:

I recently watched a video on her YouTube channel. It was her just sitting down in front of the camera and addressing some things she wanted to share with her viewers. I found that so much of what she said is what I feel so often. I'm not comparing myself to her. But, I'm saying I can relate to her. I do what I do because I love to do it. I feel very blessed because God is in my life and he provides a security for me that I cannot imagine not feeling.

The reason I admire Miss Kandee is that she had the courage to speak about her faith and how it's gotten her to where she's at on YOU TUBE! She speaks about being a light in this world of darkness reguardless of the negativity that can often surround her. She says, the reason she is able to get through it all and "has happiness in her heart is because of God." This video is very long (almost an hour) but I'd encourage you to watch it if you have time and have an interest in the beauty/blogging industry. [youtube=]

One of the things she says that I could not agree more with is: "the greatest thing you can do is love somebody." -Kandee Johnson.

Talk to you all soon!!

Lots of LOVE ...Lauren