Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner for Dry Hair

Hey Guys!! The winter has taken a toll on my hair. The last couple months, it has felt super dry. So, for the last couple weeks I have been on the hunt for shampoo and conditioner that could revive my hair and bring it back to its silky smooth days… :)

 I have two sets of shampoo and conditioner, both are my current favorites because they have left my hair softer, silkier and more manageable.

The first is Philip Kingsley’s Moisture Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner. This stuff is serious business. I can tell almost immediately that it is helping to mend my split ends and dry strands. The conditioner makes my hair immediately silky. I leave the conditioner on for an extra 5 minutes or so to make my hair super soft. Both shampoo and conditioner are in the $20 range.

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The other brand is John Frieda’s new Root Awakening Purify and Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner. This shampoo and conditioner smell amazing and make my scalp and hair feel hydrated, refreshed, clean and silky. I am super picky when it comes to my conditioner. And,  usually I don’t like a shampoo unless the conditioner that goes with it is amazing. This duo is fantastic, and I would definitely buy this again at my local Target.  Here’s what the John Frieda website says about this product, 

  • “Invigorates and feeds from root to tip with a fresh tingle for bouncy, shiny, radiant hair that’s noticeably more resilient with every use.
  • With natural Eucalyptus and peppermint oil, this formula stimulates the scalp with a cool, tingling sensation. Massaging your scalp encourages circulation, which will wake-up healthier-looking new growth.
  • Gently cleans without stripping.”

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Hope this helps if you are also looking for a really good moisture rich shampoo and conditioning duo. Thanks for reading!!

Who’s watching the Oscar’s tonight?!?? I can’t wait. I will definitely be reporting on the beauty and style I see on the red carpet.

Love, Lauren

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Cool Care for your Hot Tools

Hi Everyone! If you’re like me, you have quite a few different hair styling products. Maybe a curling iron, flat iron, blow dryer, etc. And, there is not really a “cute” way to store these besides setting them on your bathroom counter and creating a mess of cords. I found this holder, “Cool Care”, by AmericanBeauty and it is the perfect way to organize, and protect myself from the heat of these tools. 

I love that this holder comes in two styles, one for your bathroom counter top or one that you can mount in the wall. These can fit most hairdryers, curling irons, and hair straighteners. 

The names of the game here are convenience, safety, and functionality. These are not cute, or “pretty” but they have made my bathroom counter top look a whole lot more organized, and made reaching for my blowdryer and straightener a lot easier. I never again have to worry about the heat from the tools melting something on my counter top. 

You can look at all these products at:  I really enjoy sharing with all of you my “beauty finds” and I’m dying to know what you’ve found lately!? 

Let me know!

LOVE, Lauren

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I received these products from the company for consideration. I was not paid for this review, and my opinions are always completely honest. I would only share with you all the things I REALLY love.

Highlights at Home- DIY Recipes

Hey Guys! I found these interesting tips for easy DIY highlights. These tips were given by celebrity hair stylist, Michael Canales. Tell me  your thoughts? Would you try this at home?

Vodka Spritzer

2 parts seltzer 1 part vodka

"Vodka has a clear blue tone to it, so it lightens hair without it going orange. You can also clean out red brassy tones with this mixture," says Michael.

Rum Fizz

2 parts seltzer 1 part rum

"This is how models in Brazil get caramel tones in their hair. They spray a little in their hair and go out in the sun without the hair turning brassy," says Michael.

Sunny Side Up Highlights

Egg yolk, beaten

"Straight egg yolk has the ability to lighten hair because of the natural acids in the yolks. This is what they do in Spain. It gets gooey and sticky though, so you only want to leave it in your hair for an hour," Michael says. "If you apply this with foil or plastic, it's a natural, at-home highlight." Do not sit out in the sun with this mixture, unless you're okay with having scrambled eggs in your hair!

Hope you're all having a fabulous day!!

Love, Lauren

My Interview with Umberto of Umberto Beverly Hills- All About Hair

Hi Guys! Last week I shared with you guys 3 interviews with makeup artists! Today, I have an interview with Umberto of Umberto Beverly Hills hair products. You can find these at Target Stores or on the website:

Enjoy my interview with a master of hair!

How do you get your inspiration for your spring/summer collections?

 My inspiration for spring/summer hair comes from three things - the texture and colors of the Runway Collections, shoes because they have a lot of attitude (shapes, height and heel and textures) and Nature which always inspires the hair color palette as well as shape of the hair. Women are always ready for change in spring because they are influenced by nature's changes.

 What is your favorite spring/summer 2011 trend?

  My favorite spring/summer trend is fewer layers in general and only using layers to frame the face and cut.  You will see fewer long overly layered styles.  More of a Stevie Nicks look - bangs, soft layering, more natural. For color - the hot color is golden brown. You want to see the glow of the golden. I recommend Umberto Beverly Hills U Color in 6.32 Golden Brown to get the look.  Jennifer Lawrence (Winter’s Bone) has that gorgeous glow at the moment.

 As a creative person, what are some other creative things you like to do?

 I like gardening, cooking, entertaining and traveling - all inspire me.  My table presentation while entertaining typically includes various fruit, flowers, leaves, bark and vegetables.  These shades inspired my color palate for my hair color line.

 What is your top beauty tip? It can be anything.

  My top beauty tip is to not fight your hair.  Control it! Don't let it control you, but most importantly embrace the hair that you have.  Learn to make it look its best, especially in the summer. Use my Roman Oil Serum to nourish the hair, control frizz and fly-aways or to just style. The Controller is a leave-in conditioner that is a wonderful blow dry tool.  It helps control and add shine as well as body. To preserve a fabulous blow dry in the summer wrap the hair into a messy bun on top side or back of the head and leave the bangs out. It will preserve the blow dry. Let it down for the evening and the style is full of body and bounce. If you have wavy or curly hair, take sections, tease the bottom up, then loop the hair and pin up, fish tail the hair pins so that it does not pop out. The hair looks fresh, shorter and off of your neck. Another great summer tip is to use my Shimmer Spray for added shine without weighing hair down!

Talk to you guys soon!!

Lots of Love LO

Repair Hair with Marc Anthony Damage Repair

For the past 4 weeks I have been using the Marc Anthony Damage Repair line. Today, I'm very sad because I ran out! I have been so in love with this shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner that I have not used much else!

The most important factors in a shampoo and conditioner for me are that:

  1. It leaves my hair soft and silky and never greasy or gunky. Make sense? I want to feel like all the product is out of my hair when I'm out of the shower and my hair is dry.
  2. Both shampoo and conditioner help my hair feels stronger and easy to brush through.
  3. They have to smell nice!

Those things are really all I ask for. And, do you know how hard it is to find shampoo and ESPECIALLY conditioners that leave my hair soft and silky, easy to brush through and not heavy or weighed down? It's difficult. And, when I find one I love I'm so happy!!

The Marc Anthony hair care website says this about the line, "The Damage Repair line is made to wash away the daily toxins that eat away at the hair allowing it the opportunity to heal. Vitamin B5 and Soya Bean helps to stimulate circulation and moisturize from the inside out as well as help to protect hair’s elasticity and reduce breakage."

I would highly recommend this line to anyone! You can find these at select Ulta stores, CVS , Rite Aid, Duane Reade. Here is the Marc Anthony Hair care Website:

After all, every woman wants her hair to look this healthy and strong!!

Have a wonderful day!!

Love, Lauren


Best Hair Tie Discovery.. Scrunci no.slip.grip

Hi Guys!! I was up at a cabin for a couple of days and boy what a blast it was to be in the woods, away from the city and on a mini adventure. We were only there for about a day and a half..but that's all I could get off of work so it had to be that way. Hopefully soon we can get a little more time away...

I recently went and saw a movie with a friend of mine. When we met up she brought me some new hair tie's she had discovered. They are the Scunci no slip grip evolution jelly hair ties. She told me they were the best and her words were " They stay so tight, usually when I work out  I have to wear two of the regular kind , but I only wore one of these and it worked great!"

Scunci No Slip Grip The Evolution Hair Ties 14 Pieces at Local StoresWhen I got home and tried these out, I was amazed at how I only had to wrap it around my hair 3 times and it stayed very tight. It also did not hurt or tangle my hair at all. I have been wearing these ever since! I LOVE THEM. Also, the jelly material will not stretch out over time, so these should last longer than the regular hair ties or bands.

I have read some other review on these and saw that they thicker your hair is the better these work. If you have really fine hair, they may hurt you a bit.. but for those of us who have thicker or a lot of hair these really work wonderful!! I got mine at my local Target. I have heard they are hard to find, but try Target first! :)

Happy Mothers day to all the Moms!! I'm hoping one day I'll be one too.

;) LOVE Lauren

I get My Salon Blowout from the Titan UV!

Hey Guys! I have never gone to the salon just to get a blowout.  But, I feel like I get a salon-like blowdry with a new blowdryer called the Titan UV. The Titan UV is by Le Angelique. You may remember a while back I posted about some fabulous extensions I had gotten from Le Angelique!

Have you guys heard of a hairdryer that blows out a spa scent as you blowdry?? This new blowdryer I've been using does just that!!!! It has a scent that shoots out as you blowdry your hair. Crazy, huh! 

But, it doesn't stop there. Some of the other features of this blowdryer are:

  • blue light UV technology that  stimulates the scalp and helps to repair the hair keeping it healthy! AMAZING!

  • 2000 watts
  • 2 heat settings
  • 2 speed settings
  • 2 separate nozzles
  • long durable salon cord
  • cool burst setting for sealing the hair cuticle

I love the way my hair feels and looks after using this blowdryer. I feel just like I stepped out of the salon.

The best part about the Titan UV is the fabulous technology of the UV blue light. Often times my hair and scalp feel very dry after I blowdry or heat style. But, after using this for two weeks I have already noticed a difference. My hair and scalp feel healthier and not as brittle and dry!

Conclusion: This is the most technically advanced hairdryer I have ever used and I'm absolutely loving it right now! It makes me feel like a million bucks! The calming scent that comes out of the dryer as you dry your hair is beyond luxurious! The only thing I do not like about this hair dryer in comparison to others I have used is it is heavier than some.

 This retails for $250 and you can go to to check it out!

So tell me...what is your favorite hair tool? Do you have a hairdryer you love?

LOVE Lauren



FTC: I received this product from a PR company for possible review. I was not paid and I only review products that I can be completely honest with my viewers about.

Follow up! Target Goodies: Skin Renew & John Frida Go Blonder

Hey Guys! I told you 10 days ago about two things I picked up at Target. Here is the follow thoughts and feelings about these products as I've been using them. And, this time... I LOVE THEM BOTH!

The Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-dark circle roller with a tint (concealer).  I love this product. I got it because I wanted an eye treatment/concealer that's fast and easy and I can carry in my purse. I like this one because it is very cooling. The silver roller ball feels so nice and icy underneath your eye an it's an instant brightener. The concealer in it is a light shade and I'm about an NC20 at MAC. It works perfectly with my skin. I think this concealer/brightener  would be great for fair to medium skin tones since it's going to help brighten the undereye. The concealer is also very light so it's not cakey. ***One thing to be mindful of; when I get this really close to my eye , my eye starts to water a little bit...not too bad, but a little, so don't use too much and if you are very sensitive be mindful. ( I am sensitive though, and it is not to bad...just something to be aware of.) :)


Next, the John Frida Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray. On a grading scale I'd give this product a B+. Here's why...The greatest thing is that for blondes who can't go into the salon every 4 weeks to get their hair touched up it helps to lighten the roots. I have noticed that for me with just 3 uses of this spray my hair looks blonder and my roots blend more. I LOVE this because I don't like the look of dark roots and since I can't afford always getting my hair touched up it's a cheap and easy fix.

The only negative about this product is that it lightens the hair but almost to a little bit more of a yellowish tint (a little brassy). So, what I've been doing is using my purple shampoo in between uses of this product. This helps to brighten the hair a little bit more and leave it less brassy and yellow. I did do a review of a purple shampoo here:

Overall, I would buy this product again.

Here is a video I've really been enjoying today. It's by beauty vlogger Dulce Candy called "How to Shop at a Thrift Store". The reason I love this video is because she gives tips on shopping at a thrift store. And, she shows what she bought on a recent trip. The handbags and clutches she found are to DIE for...and it totally puts me in the mood to go bargain hunting!!!

Enjoy.. I did! [youtube=]

LOVE Lauren

Tangle Teezer- Hurt Free Hair Comb!

Hi Guys! I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I have something to tell you guys that's super awesome! The bad news is, I've been sick in bed since yesterday. I have done pretty much nothing all day but sleep. The doctor says I have bronchitis. :( My throat and chest hurt so bad and I can't sleep without taking NyQuil. The only thing that feels good right now is putting a hot rag up to my nose and mouth and breathing in the steam.

I did take this down time to paint my nails a festive SPRING color. I chose Orly's Lollipop. It is a light lavender. I took an Orly blue shade called Snowcone to paint just my ring fingers. Both of these colors are from the SWEET collection.

Here's the EXCITING product alert! This past week I have been amazed by a little comb called the "Tangle Teezer". One of the most annoying things to me is brushing my hair after I get out of the shower. Long hair is a nuisance to comb or brush when wet because it's just a tangly mess!

Honestly, I'm so excited to have one of these because it is the best for hurt-free detangling! It is the only comb I've ever had that does not hurt my head. AMAZING.

The lightweight teeth in this comb are made to keep your hair healthier by not snagging or breaking your hair as you comb. The other great thing about this is that it feels like your giving yourself a scalp massage every time you use it!

Heres some more photos:


You can find out more about this Tangle Teezer on :

Also, on the website it says it can be found in some Sally Beauty Supplies Stores.

Love and Tangle Free, Lauren

FTC: I did receive this product for review; but I was not paid for this post. This is my honest opinion as all of my postings are.