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Infomercials and the InStyler...

Hey Everyone! My typing is going to be purple today to celebrate the Minnesota Vikings Victory!!

Do you ever get sucked in my infomercials? Well, the ones that really "get-to-me" are the beauty ones. If I see a beauty product infomercial, my ears perk up and I have to see what the latest and greatest is.

I remember seeing the InStyler one time and wanting to try it...well, I now have my hands on it!!! I've been using it for the past few weeks and I have the scoop about this beauty tool  for all of you!!

Here are some photos of my



























I have been using this for a couple of weeks now and here are the main things I want to point out.

  • It straightens and curls really fast. What I'd like to point out about this is that the InStyler is a great product for a girl on the go who has little time to fuss with her hair. It straightens and curls in one and is speedy.
  • It's for gentle bouncy curls and slight flipping not tight curls. The Instyler is great at flipping ends of hair and creating slight curls. It's not however for the woman who wants tight bouncy Taylor swift curls.
  • It straightens without feeling like it's scorching. Sometimes, I feel like putting my hair between to sheets of metal is really ruining it. But , because the hot metal iron is rotating it feels gentler than a flat iron. But-it also doesn't flatten quite like a flat-iron.
  • It makes hair look really shiny. I think my hair looked shinier after using this because It is gentle and it brushes your hair while it heats. So, I like that you don't have to use a brush and hair dryer, you can use this while your hair is slightly damp and create the same effect.

My Conclusion: I like to use this when I let my hair air dry and I have slight waves that I want to iron/brush out. It's a great lazy day tool or a perfect one to bring with me if I can only fit one tool with me on a trip. It DOES straighten my hair but not like my straightener. I would not use this in the place of my flat-iron, but I would use it if I want my hair slightly straighter or curled on the ends. I also like that I can create gentle curls with this.

Check out the website to watch videos of the InStyler:


Disclaimer: I did receive this on a product for possible review basis but I am not affiliated with the InStyler and was not paid for this blog. These are my honest thoughts.


Have a wonderful week EVERYONE , I will talk to you all soon.

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