Interview with Petra Strand of Pixi Make up

Happy Wednesday Beauties! Hope you all are having a wonderful week! I am beaming with excitement this afternoon to share with you all something very cool! As you all know by now, I am a huge fan of  Target  and their beauty brands. One of those lines called "Pixi" by Petra Strand is one that I have had the pleasure of trying out recently. I also got to do a brief interview with her and ask her a couple of the questions I wanted to know, and thought you guys might want to know as well!!

In another post, I will share with you the products of hers that I tried including a days of the week makeup set and bold new lip product!

Here is the interview...hope you enjoy as much as I did!


1. How do you get your inspiration for your spring/summer collections?   

I live in Santa Barbara , which has some of the most amazing, natural beauty on the coast line to the hills, by day it is sunny, bright and temperate but at Sunset it changes completely and the sky is lit with some of the most glorious corals/apricot/red- it really is spectacular and so inspiring.

The Week of Make up & Succulent lip twin shades are inspired by this gorgeous vista.

2. What is your favorite spring/summer 2011 trend?  

 I love the strong lip trend with a really pared down base, it looks fresh & gorgeous and eases you back into color after really being in a neutral make up bubble. It is so easy to wear and looks so sophisticated but with a funky twist.

3. As a creative person, what are some other creative things you like to do? 

  I am at heart a frustrated property developer :) I bought an old house that was definitely in need of some TLC and I have been renovating it room by room. Being Swedish I like clean, fresh interios with lots of natural light and I take inspiration from the Gustavian period,  which is vintage but timeless.

4. What is your top beauty tip? It can be anything.  

So many, so I will share with you my top tips

  • Be happy with who you are, yes you will age and you will change over the years and when that does happen invest in a great concealer and blush- gives the vitality back to your complexion :)
  • Be sparing with mascara- better to put 2 fine coats to thicken lashes than 1 heavy coat, take a kleenex and take the excess off the wand- by swiping through the tissue, so that you get just the right amount for 2 coats and then swipe again and take the residue gently through the lower lashes. Spider leg lashes is not a good look for anybody.
  • A good blusher can take 5 years off you - best way to apply it, especially if you are slightly out of practice is: follow directly below your iris- this will lead you to the true "apple" of the cheeks, sweep on a little color for a "flush" of blush- looks so natural and fresh. A natural rosy pink suits all skintones.
  • Instant revitalizer- Ice cubes- keep a tray of some of your alcohol free toner frozen this will be an instant pick me up and help to wakeup up your face & close the pores- for a real apothecary treat- mix your own with a half/half mix of rosewater and witchazel. Put in a flannel and press onto face for a few minutes in the morning before primer.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions Petra!

 I will be back later to share with you guys the products I tried from the "Pixi" line.