Mood Magic Color Changing Lipstick GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Have any of you ever heard of mood rings? I’m sure you’re all saying, yes. Well, now there are mood lipsticks!!! When I found out about these color changing lipsticks I knew I had to try them out.  They are a little different then you’re typical mood ring. These lipsticks all turn one specific color once you apply them to your lips. The yellow turns coral, green turns pink and blue turns mauve. But- they are incredibly long lasting, feel very moisturizing and are lightweight on your lips. 

I made a giveaway video because 5 of you have the chance to win one of these Mood Magic Color Changing Lipsticks.

Go watch the video and enter below which color you’d like to win!!! Mood Magic Color Changing Lipstick Giveaway Video!!

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Talk about Cute Packaging- Boots No.7 Poppy King Limited Edition Lipstick Collection

Hey Guys! Have you been to your local Target and seen the display with these on it??

Look at how adorable this packaging is! I absolutely love bright colors, and polka dots, together they look amazing! This is a limited edition lipstick and lip gloss collection from boots No.7 and Poppy King. King is an Australian entrepeneur who is best known for her company Poppy Industries and her range of cosmetics. King was inspired by Marilyn Monroe for these lipsticks and glosses. 

I tried the shade "glamour", in both the  lipstick and gloss. It is a very sophisticated pink color. Not only has this lipstick formula been one of my favorites, the color is one that I've been wearing all the time. I LOVE it. It has a really pretty sleek purple tube.

The gloss is a really pretty everyday color but is not as long wearing as some other glosses I like. However, it is a really nice sheer formula for something very natural and easy to wear. 

I will definitely be going back to look at the other shades of lipsticks since I love the formula so much. It's very creamy, not too shiny , not too matte and has great color pay off. Here are some photos of what the color "glamour" looks like on. :)













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Quick Touch Ups for Makeup Lovers- Beauty Fixation by Japonesque

ATTENTION: Makeup artists and makeup lovers... there is this cool new product that is like the q-tip but better! They are pre-fill cotton swabs great for on the go and for multiple purposes! You can remove makeup, add lip conditioner, use them as a treatment before and after tweezing your brows, and even oil for your cuticles. The line is called Beauty Fixation by Japonesque. They are perfect for the "makeup artist kit" or even your travel bag for on the go, easy non-messy beauty touch ups!

Each box comes with 24 swabs and they cost $5 a box on The different kinds are :

Makeup Remover/Touch ups- easily removes makeup!

Lipstick Touch up- quickly removes lipstick or touches up lipstick or gloss.

Lip Conditioner- Conditions and hydrates lips.

Nail Polish Touch ups- Easy to touch up and remove smeared nail polish on the go!

Cuticle Conditioner- Heals and protects cuticles.

Pre -Tweeze Treatment- Use before tweezing to help comfort and ease the pain.

They are very easy to use. You simply, hold the tip with the ring around it up...snap it off and the product flows down into the other end of the cotton swab which is the side you will use.

You  can find these at:   



Find more cool products at


My Interview Questions for Makeup Artist Jemma Kidd

Hi Guys! A couple of days ago I shared with you my interview with Petra Strand of Pixi Makeup. The fabulous thing is...I had an opportunity to ask some other makeup artist and hair stylists some of those same questions.

The interview  I want to share with you today is with Makeup Artist, Jemma Kidd. I asked her four questions I wanted to know...enjoy! :)


1. How do you get your inspiration for your spring/summer collections? 

I’m inspired by so many things: fashion, film, books, art, nature, different cultures, people, photography… the list is endless! London is also a constant source of inspiration. Just walking through the streets you’re exposed to so many different styles and influences.


2. What is your favorite spring/summer 2011 trend?

There’s no escaping the trend for bold, bright lip colour this spring/summer. Lips were making a statement on the catwalks in an array of tutti-frutti shades; from juicy pink pouts at Jil Sander and Diane von Furstenberg to tangerine hues that looked good enough to eat at Marni. This season, the finish is all-important too – think matte with crisp, well-defined edges – so dig out your lip liner! Pair with polished skin and just a slick of mascara for effortless elegance.


3. As a creative person, what are some other creative things you like to do?

If I wasn’t a make-up artist, I would have loved to have been an artist. It’s difficult to find the time to paint now though – I had twins 18 months ago, so when I’m not working, every spare moment is spent enjoying time with my babies and my husband at our home in the country.


4. What is your top beauty tip? It can be anything.  

Some lipsticks look fantastic in the tube, but look very different once applied, due to the natural pink colouring of the lips. To counteract this, dab a touch of foundation over lips to neutralise the colour, then apply your lipstick on top. You'll get the true shade that way, which is especially important if you're recreating this season’s ‘statement lip’ trend.

Thank you SO much Jemma!

Jemma Kidd is sold at Target is the website:

Love, Lauren

Makeup Artist Story- A poem

A woman who is confident and kind is the best kind of customer to find.

A woman who doesn't care whose feelings get hurt,

and anything that comes to mind she feels free to blurt.

No matter what she tries on or what she wears...

My patience is something she often impairs.

She's not very nice and actually quite cold,

numbers matter and in the end, how much is sold.

This kind of customer saps the fun out of my work

and makes me feel like just like any other cosmetic clerk.

I want to make people smile ,and  look at themselves and grin

to give them the confidence of gorgeous glowing skin.

Confidence is something that comes from inside,

I can make you look pretty but your insecurity will not hide.

So be kind to everyone that you meet, those who try to help you out

Because otherwise you give me something more to write about.


You can't take a chunk out of the middle of the lipstick, don't even try,

or I'll have to stop you, and don't get me started by asking me why.

Please don't second guess if you come to us for tips and advice,

I shouldn't have to keep going over my reasoning more than twice.

I do this every day and only want to help you out,

so don't come in and complain, or scream and shout.

Love your makeup artist  and be kind to all,

and you just may walk away with quite a big haul. :)




Favorite Spring Lipsticks 2011

Hi! What do you prefer? Lipstick or Gloss?

MAC's sheen supreme lipsticks are my favorite lipstick for spring. They have rich color and very high glossy shine. They come in 14 different shades.

These are my favorite colors from the bunch:

Quite the Thing! , Impressive, Look at Her, & Ultra Darling

If you remember MAC slimshine's...they remind me of them. But, they're bigger , which to me equals better!

Great spring shades, lots of color and shine.

Here is a recent photo of my "bear" , he is so glad we are home from our 2 week trip!

Have a great night!

Love, Lauren

Top 3 Lip Product Discoveries of 2010

Hi!!! What's one of the first things you notice about people? Besides eyes,  hair color, and well...overall stature, LIPS! Lips make an impression right? I mean, if you see someone who looks very attractive from far away but notice they have dry cracked lips, it's a turn off right?

I was thinking about some lip products that were brand new discoveries of mine over 2010. Here are some of my favorites:

SARA HAPP peppermint Lip Scrub & Lip Slip. I love these 2 products! A little pricey but definitely worth it. The lip scrub actually comes in a variety of flavors, almond creme, brown sugar, cinnamon sugar, cocoa, vanilla bean and peppermint. It is sugary and is the perfect amount of scrub for your lips! (They also had a red velvet flavor for holiday 2010..don't know if it's around anymore but I'd LOVE to get my hands on that one!!!!)

The Lip slip is a rich sheer balm with no color. It stays on your lips for hours and has a really sweet smell. It's the perfect balm for all day wear if you have just used the lip scrub. :) I LOVE this.. **do not use if you're allergic to beeswax. Reason I say this, I know someone with an allergy and this definitely contains beeswax.


LuMeSH lip glosses are another one of my favorite lip product discoveries of 2010!! These are the creamiest, LEAST sticky pigmented color lip glosses I have felt in a long time. I absolutely love the consistency of these! These glosses also contain vitamins and lip plumping agents! They do not tingle but your lips definitely will feel fuller and juicier after applying these glosses! :) I LOVE THEM!!!

My favorite ones are  called Min and Magaly. In this photo those are the first one on the left and the fourth one in from the left . :)

Go to the website to read more!

Third and final lip discovery are the Josie Maran Magic Marker Argan Oil Infused Lip Stain Duo. These are actually brand new... and came out live to the public on JANUARY 3rd 2011,  just 4 days ago! They were introduced on QVC , and you can still find them on the QVC website.

These are awesome! They remind me of markers or crayola crayons from when I was young..they give your lips the perfect pop of color, have a long wearing stain and a smooth moisturizing end that keeps your lips smooth and hydrated! I LOVE these. I wore mine on New Years Eve!

Do any of you have a favorite lip product from 2010??? What was it ..share it below!

xoxo LOVE LO