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The Importance of a Good Eye Shadow Base/Primer- My Favorite Choice!

To me- applying an eye shadow base before applying make up is like brushing your teeth. It's absolutely necessary and NEEDS TO BE DONE!! I am surprised at how many people never use eye shadow primers. A good primer makes all the difference in the world when you want to create a really beautiful professional looking eye look. It helps your eye make ย up last longer, prevents it from creasing,ย 

brings out the depth of the colors and makes your lid look more even and perfected.ย 

My favorite is "Painterly" Paint Pot from MAC Cosmetics. This is something I really don't go a day without. I have tried dozens of eye shadow primers and I'm still addicted to my Painterly.ย 

Please watch my short video I made talking about this ย WONDERFUL product!


Run don't walk to get this for your lovely lids if you don't have it already. If you're going to a local MAC store (in the Twin Cities) , feel free to reach out to me for some other product recommendations and I can let the amazing girls that work there that you're coming in. ;)ย 


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