Lush: Hottie Massage Bar and Daddy-O Violet Shampoo Review

Hey Guys! First things first... today is my sister's birthday!! Happy Birthday Jess! Love you bunches and bunches.

I have written about a couple of Lush products before. Lush is the fresh handmade cosmetics line that is known for the bath products! To date, my favorite product I have tried from lush is the Ocean Salt face polish scrub. I have a blog post about it here:

I recently tried the Hottie Massage Bar. It definitely has a great shape for a massage ...the little bumps within it prove that. Here is a photo:

This bar is infused with black pepper, vanilla and ginger. It smells absolutely delicious. I was very excited about using this but have to say that the bar doesn't last very long. The bumps were used up within about 3 uses which left me with just a flat massage bar. Also, the bar leaves a somewhat sticky greasy feeling on the skin. I think it is supposed to leave a hydrated almost "lotioned up" feeling on your skin which it does. My skin didn't feel dry after using this but it felt a little sticky. I didn't like that.

The positives of this bar are its delicious smell and the cute design which massages your skin in the first couple uses. But, the sticky feeling and how long it lasted were not positives in my opinion.

The other product I recently tried was the Daddy-O violet shampoo. I love violet shampoos for keeping my hair bright and vibrant. This did not disappoint.  

I love the packaging, name and smell of this!! The first thing that was very apparent was the rich lather that you get with it and the absolutely amazing violet smell. I wish all of my shampoos smelled this good. I absolutely LOVE the smell of violet.

There is lemon and lime juice in this product which help add a glossy shine to the hair. This product is for someone with grey or blonde hair and want a brighter color!

The only downside to the Daddy-O shampoo is the price. It is $27.95 for a 16.9 fl oz. But, this is really a great product. And, I really enjoyed the way it left a nice scent to my hair even after blowdrying.

I would recommend the hair products, bath bombs, face scrubs from Lush based off of my experience with them so far.  It looks like they have some really cute things out for Easter!!

Have any of you tried Lush? What's your favorite product? I'd love to get some recommendations!!