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My Makeup Kit Collection- What's in my Zuca Artist Bag...

  Hey Guys!

For a while now, I've wanted to see some more videos showing what artists keep in their makeup kits. SO, I decided to make one myself. I also absolutely LOVE my ZUCA artist bag for storing all of my kit makeup in. The Zuca bag is awesome for storing all of the make up I need for work, and I would highly recommend it if you are a make up artist looking for a new storage case for travel.

Here is the video of all the products and a briefing through my Zuca Bag:

If you'd like to see this bag on the website and all the colors and styles it comes in go to:ย The Main Zuca Website. ย 

If you want to see my exact bag go to :ย My Zuca Artist bag.

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing this! Until next time...

Love, Lauren


July Wedding in Stillwater,MN and Eyelash Extensions Before and After

Hey Everyone!  

I wanted to give you an inside look at my job. :) I absolutely feel blessed to do what I do, and work in the beauty industry. It's fun! Here is a peek and my lashes and makeup work from last week.

This past weekend, I got the opportunity to do makeup for a beautiful bride and some of her fabulous friends and family in Stillwater, MN. I absolutely love doing makeup for such a special day!

The hotel room that we got the girls ready in was so adorable in downtown Stillwater. It had a very pretty vintage look with a picture window which was perfect for all of my makeup to be sprawled out across. Here are a few pictures of my ย make up set up.


The following are some before and after photos of some beautiful silk eyelash extensions I applied last week. :)


Enjoy your week, everyone!! Make it the best ever.. :)

Love, Lauren