Favorite Summer Beauty Products- My Recommendations!

These are my favorite beauty products for summer and the products that I would recommend!

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July Wedding in Stillwater,MN and Eyelash Extensions Before and After

Hey Everyone!  

I wanted to give you an inside look at my job. :) I absolutely feel blessed to do what I do, and work in the beauty industry. It's fun! Here is a peek and my lashes and makeup work from last week.

This past weekend, I got the opportunity to do makeup for a beautiful bride and some of her fabulous friends and family in Stillwater, MN. I absolutely love doing makeup for such a special day!

The hotel room that we got the girls ready in was so adorable in downtown Stillwater. It had a very pretty vintage look with a picture window which was perfect for all of my makeup to be sprawled out across. Here are a few pictures of my  make up set up.


The following are some before and after photos of some beautiful silk eyelash extensions I applied last week. :)


Enjoy your week, everyone!! Make it the best ever.. :)

Love, Lauren


Mink Eyelash Extensions Before and After-Lesli's Photos

Hey Everyone! Happy Saturday. Spring is finally here and I am absolutely loving it. We’ve had some interesting weather, but overall the warmer temps have been amazing!

I wanted to share some more fabulous before and after photos from some mink eyelash extensions from this week. Hope you notice how much of a difference they make to the eye by opening it up and making it look brighter and more awake. 

Many people comment that they have gotten great results with Latisse and other lash growth serums, but unlike those, lash extensions give you instant gratification, with no curling, applying a serum every night, and mascara every morning. 

Thank you do much for my fabulous lashes!! I LOVE them! – Lesli 


 Before Mink Lash Extensions                                              After Mink Lash Extensions

 Before Mink Lash Extensions                                             After Mink Lash Extensions


Enjoy your weekend!

Love, Lauren


Meet Bear...

Hi! Just wanted to drop in this weekend and introduce you all to someone I’m sure you’ve already seen…our Bear. :) I will go back  to normal beauty posts tomorrow. 

Click on this link to see the video clip I made: Meet Bear…

Hope you all had a great weekend. Don’t forget to enter my giveaway to win mood magic lipsticks if you still want to do so: http://lovelobeauty.com/main/wordpress/?p=397


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