Miss Delaware

Miss America 2011- One Who Inspires Me...

Hi Beautiful Friends! Just a reminder to you women and girls to stay true to who you are and know that you absolutely shouldn't let anything stop you from dreaming. And definitely don't let the "Standards of Beauty" stop you from knowing how fantastic you are.

Miss Delaware contestant in the Miss America Pagent 2011 inspires me. Kayla (Miss Delaware) struggles from alopecia areata, which is a disease that causes hair loss. But, that has not stopped Kayla. She is in the current running for Miss America which which will be announcing a winner January 15th 2011 around 10 pm Central time. :)

I'm hoping she wins and rips off that wig at the end!!

Believe in who you are, be thankful for what God has given you...celebrate your unique qualities. You're beautiful ;)