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Fragrance Reviews for Spring 2013- Hits and Misses

Hey Guys! One of the most fun things about being a girl, is collecting perfume and picking out a scent to wear each day. I remember even as a little girl, I would look at my grandma’s makeup vanity with perfume bottles and be so intrigued. I’ve always been obsessed with the unique and beautiful glass bottles that women display and use to make themselves smell nice. Now, I house my perfume in a beautiful curio cabinet.

There is one perfume to this day that will always have a special place in my heart, it’s AMOR AMOR by Cacharel. I started using it when I lived in New York, then I work it all the time when I was dating my husband. It’s an amazing scent to me because it brings back so many memories.

Fragrances are sort of magical in that way-they unlock many memories.

Here is my video of some recent perfumes I’ve been loving for the spring and my honest thoughts on each. Some are hits, some are misses.


Here’s a list of fragrances I showed in this video:

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Luxury Perfume and Candles~ Tocca Beauty

Hi Guys! Tocca, the brand meaning "Touch" in Italian is a luxurious clothing, and beauty brand. I know it for its fragrances and candles. The first time I saw Tocca products I was in an Anthropology store and saw the beautiful perfume bottles.  

I think an important thing about fragrance is not only the smell itself but the bottle it comes in. Fragrance is something that always sparks the memory to feel something or remember something and the bottle adds to that feeling.  I just love the way these look!

Tocca's candles and perfumes are named with female names. My favorite of all the names and scents is "Bridgette". These were even named after the famous french model and actress "Bridgette Bardot".

I like these two because like I said a fragrance can often reminds me of New York. When I was modeling and acting in New York, some of the makeup artists on set used to call me "baby Bridgette" after Bridgette Bardot. I did a photo shoot channeling Ms. is a special treat, some of those shots.


If you'd like to find out more about Tocca , their beauty line and clothing go to :

FTC MAN: Tocca sent me products for possible review. I was not paid for this post and my thoughts and opinions expressed are honest .