Great Deals; Great Products Spring 2011 Body & Skin Edition

Hey Everyone! You are beautiful. Remember that today. I think the most beautiful people are those who are comfortable with who they are, thoughtful and kind to others, and think of others before themselves. Beautiful people are those who go out of their way to make another person feel good, who have the confidence to look in the mirror and say, "God made me this way", I am unique and perfect in his eyes, and therefore I am beautiful."

Some things that I wanted to share today are some products that are inexpensive, but great finds that I feel like anyone could love!

The first is the Reviva Labs Vitamin E stick. You can get this for about 4 dollars. I love this because it is soft and creamy and hydrating and you can use it on your lips, cuticles, eyes, cuts or scrapes, anywhere that needs healing and moisture. I have this in my makeup bag at all times. You can get it for $4 and the website is: http://www.revivalabs.com/newstore/Scripts/default.asp

Next product is the Spongeable Anti-cellulite Body Wash in a Sponge. I have written about Spongeables many times before. They are one of my favorite products because they make washing and exfoliating so easy. This one is new and it is for cellulite. It is a super scrubber and you can get 20 plus uses out of it. Go to : http://www.spongeables.com/web/product.htm to see more!

The next product is the Kiss My Face Olive Oil Bar Value Packs. A wonderful soap that smells delicious and fora limited time comes buy 2 get one free. My favorites are the olive oil and lavender and the olive oil and green tea. :) You know me and my green tea. Find these at: http://www.kissmyface.com/barsoappages/barsoappage.html  It is $7.99 for a pack of 3!!!

Finally, the last product is the Schick Quattro for women disposable with raspberry rain scented handles.

These smell so good and with 4 blades you get such a smooth shave. I like the disposable because I'm bad a looking after one razor and buying new blades every time mine get old. The raspberry rain scented handle smell wonderful! And , they're pretty inexpensive. http://www.schick.com/

Have a great night everyone! You are beautiful!


MAC Eyeshadows: Top 10 Picks for Light Skin~Series

Hey Guys! Today, I want to share my Top ten MAC eyeshadow picks for light skin tones. This was a hard one to narrow down since I have light skin. So technically, these are my favorites.

Here goes the list:

  • Nylon- A shimmery pale yellow
  • Sketch- A deep sparkly maroonish purple
  • Woodwinked- A bronzy copper penny shade
  • Omega- A light cream/soft brown color
  • Wedge- A warm soft/medium brown
  • Texture- A sparkly warm orangy brown
  • Satin Taupe- A shimmery greyish purple
  • Sumptuous Olive- A shimmery olive-green
  • Brun- A dark matte Brown
  • Yogurt A pale matte pink.


Enjoy! And, if you missed my top 10 eyeshadow picks for fair skin tones you can take a look at that here: http://lovelo.wordpress.com/2010/11/15/mac-eyeshadowsmy-top-10-picks-for-fair-skinseries/

Talk to you all soon! xo