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The Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay

I did it. I bought the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. I know what you’re thinking, “Lauren, don’t you have enough make-up already??.”  My simple answer to that is, YES. I do have enough makeup, but here’s how I justified my purchase of the Naked 2.

  1. I am a makeup artist- it is my job to have a wide arrange of colors and variety.
  2. It’s my job to use the latest and greatest. I do reviews on products, and I enjoy being familiar with the best of the best in beauty.
  3. This palette is convenient. Neutral colors all in one place. Great for bridal makeup, smokey eye, or neutral everyday look.
  4. I can use it day to day for myself, or for work.
  5. The colors are beautiful! And , it was inexpensive compared to buying single eye shadows.

Need I say more? I’ve always been a MAC girl..and have many MAC eye shadow palettes so I sort of feel like a trader crossing over and buying Urban Decay eye shadows but it’s nice to diversify. :)

Tell me your thoughts on the Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay and if you have the original Naked Palette, which you like more??

So far, I am really impressed by the quality and color pay off from these shadows. :) I love all the neutrals and that it contains a matte bone color, great for highlighting and a matte black color, great for eyeliner or smoking out color.



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Sonia Kashuk Eye on Color Palette: Brighten your Spring!

Hey Guys!! I really don't remember enjoying spring as much as I am this year. It's probably because of the really cold, snow-filled winter we had here.

If you are looking to add some fun spring colors to your eyeshadow collection but are a little afraid of going bold and unsure of what to try, I have just the thing for you!!!  It's Sonia Kashuk's Eye on Color instructional eye shadow palette in 01. Oh man, I just aboutdied when I saw how pretty this was!

I think this is a perfect eyeshadow palette for spring because it has 12 spring colors to choose from that can create awesome eyeshadow looks. And, when you want to experiment with color it's great to have lots of variety to figure out what you like the best.

The other cool thing about this palette is that for the "less experienced" there is a slide out section underneath that has directions and numbers each eyeshadow to show you certain looks you can create.

It shows you how to do a :

Wash of Color, Deep Contoured Crease, and a Smokey Eye.

This palette can be found at Target and only retails for $19.99. It's definitely a deal! The quality of these shadows is not as rich and pigmented as a MAC eyeshadow but it's not a super light wash either. They are somewhere in between.

***Just a tip, make sure to wear an eyeshadow base to keep this looking flawless and for lasting color! MAC's Painterly is my favorite.

This is a link to the Target website where the Sonia Kashuk Eye Palette can be found! 

Happy Spring make-up shopping!


FTC Man- I recieved this product on a possible review basis. I was not paid for this review and am not affiliated with this brand. My opinions are 100 % honest as always.