Let's Talk Skincare- Skin Oil and Gel

Hey Guys! I want to talk a little about skin care this morning. There are 3 products that I have used for the last month or two that I have really noticed results with and have loved having in my skin care routine. 

I love Olivella’s Moisturizing oil. I’ve used this every night before I go to sleep and have noticed a huge difference in my skin. It has felt more youthful, hydrated and soft. 

I was always afraid of putting oil onto my skin thinking it would break me out more, but I actually think it does the opposite, it seems to help clear up my skin better. 

Olivella’s Moisturizing oil replenishes   and revitalizes your skin. You can use it on your face or any other area that is feeling dry. 100% virgin Olive Oil is rich in Vitamin A, E, beta carotene and squalene. All are very beneficial for your skins youthfulness and hydration. For more information you can take a look at this product at:


I also have been loving Boscia’s Clear Complexion Treatment With Botanical Blast. This is a highly effective complexion clearing gel. It has a high concentration of Willow Bark Extract to control oil, clear breakouts, and keep up a clear complexion. 

What do I love about this? It is clear, lightweight, and dries fast. So, I put it on the areas of my face that tend to get oily , in the morning, before I apply make up. 

You can find this product at Sephora or at

The newest of these three products is the Dr.Dennis Gross Skincare Active Vitamin D Serum Oil. This is a serum oil created to provide sufficient levels of Vitamin D for the skin. It’s enhanced anti-aging properties include improved skin elasticity and bounce, greater hydration, pore reduction and improved radiance. 

A small dose of Vitamin D for your skin is really important, however, with all the sunscreen products and scare about exposing your skin to the sun , this is the perfect way to get your vitamin D without exposing your skin to too much of the harmful UV rays. 

I feel like this has brightened my skin and making it appear more radiant! I apply this once every morning. It is important with this product and with any of these products mentioned that you apply them correctly. This product only calls for 2 drops tapped into the skin. Active Vitamin D Serum-Oil

Find this at Sephora or


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FTC -some of these products were sent from PR for consideration. I was not paid for this post and I only write about products I am 100 % in love with.

Have you Heard of BB Creams? BRTC Brand Review...

Hey Guys!  How is everyone? I was doing a lot of makeup for prom this weekend and that always makes me very busy and very tired. It left me little time to write something up for all of you. But, the good news is todays post is going to be very informal and interesting. 

Have you heard of BB Creams? BB stands for Blemish Balm. I was seeing a lot of  beauty experts talk about this product and I immediately wanted to try it. I recently have had the opportunity to try 2 BB creams from the BRTC brand. My opinion so far has been EXTREMELY POSITIVE. I LOVE this stuff. Why isn't it more popular in the U.S yet? That is my question... 

BB Creams are very popular in East and Southeast Asia. This is also the only known place I know that is selling them right now. They may have popped up in other areas but I am not aware of them. BB creams were first used in Germany  by dermatologists in order to help laser surgery patients. The cream was to help sooth and protect sensitive skin while providing some coverage for imperfections. Korean celebrities quickly found out about this product that provides natural coverage while hydrating and priming the skin. 

The interesting thing about this product is it's multi-use function, foundation, primer, moisturizer, sometimes it has sunscreen, other times it has brightening properties and other good nutrients for the skin! 

My experience, LOVE AT FIRST USE! The first one I tried was the BRTC Jasmine Water BB cream. 

This seems to have about medium coverage, it conceals very well and matches my skin perfectly even though it only comes in one color! AMAZING! It also feels very hydrating and my skin has been feeling so wonderful since I started using this a few weeks ago. It seems to dry to almost a natural or matte finish which I love. I don't feel like I need to even where foundation with this and the best part is I only need about a pea size amount. 

The other one I tried is the BRTC Gold Caviar BB cream. This one seemed to have a little lighter coverage with a satin finish. My skin tends to be oily to normal and I didn't like the finish of this one as much. But, I would definitely recommend this one for dry skin. 

This has only been my first experience with any brand of BB cream. But, so far my experience has been so positive and left me feeling like I need to try more!!

If you want to learn more about these products I tried and BB cream in general you can go to:    

Tell me, have you heard of BB cream? Tell me your experience. I have a feeling BB cream is going to be pretty popular in years to come. 

Love LO

Note: I received these products from PR. I am not affiliate with nor was paid for this review. My opinions are 100 % honest as always.

Last Minute Holiday Deals and Gift Ideas Part 2


Hey Everyone!

Lyrics by the Inspirational India Arie:

There's Hope

Back when I had a little I thought that I needed a lot A little was over rated, but a lot was a little too complicated You see-Zero didn't satisfy me A million didn't make me happy That's when I learned a lesson That it's all about your perception Hey-are you a pauper or a superstar So you act, so you feel, so you are It ain't about the size of your car

It's about the size of the faith in your heart

There's hope It doesn't cost a thing to smile You don't have to pay to laugh You better thank God for that There's hope




Off in the back country of Brazil A met a young brother that made me feel That I could accomplish anything. You see just like me he wanted to sing He had no windows and no doors He lived a simple life and was extremely poor On top of all of that he had no eye sight, but that didn't keep him from seein' the light He said, what's it like in the USA, and all I did was complain He said-livin' here is paradise He taught me paradise is in your mind You know that

Every time I turn on the T.V. (There's Hope) Somebody's acting crazy (There's Hope) If you let it, it will drive you crazy (There's Hope) but I'm takin' back my power today (There's Hope) Gas prices they just keep on rising (There's Hope) The government they keep on lying but we gotta keep on surviving Keep living our truth and do the best we can do

I used to have this song as my phone ringtone about 5 years ago... i heard it the other day and it made me think that it's a good song lyric to remember at this time. Christmas time...when we should be thankful for what we have and not focused on what we still need.

So it's the EVE before Christmas Eve... and I still have some last minute gift ideas for anyone needing a girly kind of gift, or stocking stuffer.

  • Spongeables. I've said it before, I'll say it again. I love this company! These sponges are already loaded with soap and you can get tons of uses out of them. They make great soap/sponges for travel or for at home. I have a few Christmas ones that I am absolutely in love with...Christmas shapes for the Christmas season. You can find these at stores like ULTA, WAL MART and RITE AID.

  • Another gift Idea is Tocca fragrances that are found at Anthropology stores. Fragrance always makes a wonderful gift because it's something you can really get a lot of use out of. Some girls are picky but others like a variety of fragrances so something with an ornate bottle for on top of a vanity is always a lovely gift. I love the Tocca brand because of the beautiful packaging as well as wonderful product scents. Anthropology stores carry Tocca frangrances along with other wonderful unique gift ideas for the trendy girl.

  • Ulta stores always have great deals this time of year. Right now, if you spend $30 or more on a fragrance you get a free bathrobe. It seems like every time I go into an Ulta store they have some kind of great deals on cosmetics, hair, or nail products. Love this store.
  • Barnes and Noble is my home away from home. I think any girl/woman  could find a book, or magazine that they would like at this store. They also have really cute office supplies, journals and music if the person you're buying for doesn't enjoy reading. But a good book or journal is always a memorable gift. :)
  • Sephora. I could go on and on about things to find in this store...they have something for every budget. The Sephora by OPI nail polish make great stocking stuffers. Sephora always has a section of smaller (less priced) product items by the registers. Check those out too!

Have a wonderful day shopping or with family and friends! I'm going to go enjoy mine.

Love LO

PACIFICA Fragrances

Hey Everyone!

Aren't beauty products fun?? I have a fragrance "gift recommendation" for you guys. It is Pacifica fragrances. Pacifica makes fragrance, candles, body lotion, body wash, soap and body butters.

I think it was when I was in 8th or 9th grade , but I used to spend a long time scanning the shelves at Sephora. In the fragrance section I remember the PACIFICA fragrance bottles really drawing my attention. I'm a very visual person, and I always thought these bottles and boxes were so visually enticing! Look BELOW , Aren't they so fun!??

When I first discovered Pacifica, I think my mom got me a fragrance for christmas or something. This was my first one, and I LOVED IT. It's called WAIKIKI PIKAKE. The name means peacock and jasmine, it smells of delicious sandalwood and jasmine. It's probably my favorite scent I have discovered from the line...but I have not smelled all of them! I also first tried this spray perfume, which is what I am most used to. These retail for $22. NOT BAD!


The other two scents I have tried are the newest one, California Star Jasmine and the Tuscan Blood Orange. Out of the two of these I'd have to say I like the tuscan blood orange better just because it smells so much of orange. It smells sweet and delicious and if you like oranges , you'd love this! The california star jasmine is a little too jasmine smelling for me. But, the Waikiki Pikaki is better! (In my opinion)

Also, I tried the roll on perfume and the solid perfume. The roll on is easier to apply then the solid but they both seem to stay on just as long. If I had to choose between spray, roll on and solid, I would choose the spray perfume.

Roll on retails for $12.00 and the solid retails for $9.00. I'm telling you they make a really cute little gift for someone who loves scents.


You can find these at Sephora stores, or Whole Food Grocery Stores. :) Pacifica believes in recycling and making all there products from natural and essential oils. Here is the "pacifica manifesto" that is written on their website. I had to share it with you all!!

"The Pacifica Manifesto.  Love what you do and do what you love.  Great waves
make for great days.  Don't follow trends, follow your heart.  Invent a new world and keep ties to
 the old one. Be an environmentalist.  Fearlessness is our most valuable
natural resource.  Bring your family along.  Romance, travel and adventure
are all in a day's work."
Here is the pacifica website for you all to take a look:
FTC: I did receive 2 of these products for possible review. However, my opinions about
 these products are 100 % honest as always and I was not paid for this review.
Thank you all for reading. Stay tuned for my next post : My top 10 MAC eye
shadow picks for dark skin tones.

Bigger and Bolder with Buxom from Bare Essentials

Hey Guys and Gals, I remember years ago hearing about Bare Essentials. From what I knew, it was a mineral make-up line...and I'm pretty sure it is still known for its mineral makeup. But, there is something to be discovered out there from Bare Essentials at Sephora! Bare Essentials put out a line of products called, "Buxom" that are bold and fun!

Here's what I've tried and think is worth checking out from the  BUXOM line sold exclusively at Sephora stores.

The Buxom Lips. These Glosses are BEAUTIFUL. Not only do they look beautiful on and in the tubes, but they are smooth, and minty... giving your lips a little tingle and fullness. I have tried many lip plumpers and these are very gentle and actually make your lips look more plump! (My personal favorite shade I've tried is called Dani; a berry pink color).

Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick. No, it's not your average lipstick. It's tall, crayon-like and plumps your lips!! These have a slightly minty tingle like the Buxom Lips. They come in twist up tubes and all shades. They are very creamy and feel great on!



Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow. These eyeshadow are a mix between and cream and a mousse. They are light and fluffy and have the most unusual texture. They go on powdery and have the most beautiful shades and shimmers. They're colors are all breeds of dog's which is very unique. My FAVORITE so far that I have tried are the, Pug, which is a lilac-taupe color and poodle, a pale-golden yellow. ***Buxom also sells a special stay-there eyeshadow brush perfect for packing on the color!


Buxom Insider Eyeliner. These twist up eyeliners come in an array of beautiful shades and go on so creamy and smooth.



I have tried both the black pearl and blue jade. They all come in very beautiful gemstone named colors. :)

All of these products can be found on Sephora's website and here is a direct link to that page:

The Buxom glosses come in little gift set's and would make a great gift for someone!

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me amongst others from Bare Essentials. This is an honest review and I was not paid. I only share with you all what I have tried and tested and know to be true (in my opinion). :)