Face Treatment Masks- A few of my favorites :)

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I’ve recently been into treating my skin with face masks. I started one night when I had some spare time by using the Pangea Organics Facial Mask and after my skin felt so amazing that I was hooked. For the past few weeks now, I have been using face masks once or twice a week.

Here are my favorite face treatment masks.

Pangea Organics Facial Mask Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai & Goji Berry. This mask is for ALL skin types. I’m not going to lie, this looks pretty gross going on, it’s muddy and grainy. But, on the skin it feels so amazing. And,when you take it off your skin is exfoliated, and feels SUPER clean!! I absolutely love this mask. It is one of my all time favorites I have ever used.

Freeman Facial Clay Mask in Chocolate & Strawberry. I was so curious about this mask. I was thinking, how could something that smells like chocolate strawberry be good for my skin? But- I was convinced the first time I used this that it works wonders. This feels like it really balances my skin. It feels like it cleans and balances your pores so that they are not oily but your skin feels hydrated. My skin is usually very sensitive to overly drying clay masks, and this one did not irritate my skin at all.

Freeman Beauty, Chocolate Strawberry Mask

Face Q Grape Seed and Green Tea Mask. The first thing about this mask is the adorable packaging. There is a whole line of these Face Q masks and all of them are so cute!! This is one of those peel off masks that has cut-outs for your eyes, nose and mouth. You just put it on and peel it off. It is formulated with all natural botanical extracts and grape seed which has synergistic effect with collagen and elastin, making skin a shiny and flexible and prevents wrinkles.

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Let's Talk Skincare- Skin Oil and Gel

Hey Guys! I want to talk a little about skin care this morning. There are 3 products that I have used for the last month or two that I have really noticed results with and have loved having in my skin care routine. 

I love Olivella’s Moisturizing oil. I’ve used this every night before I go to sleep and have noticed a huge difference in my skin. It has felt more youthful, hydrated and soft. 

I was always afraid of putting oil onto my skin thinking it would break me out more, but I actually think it does the opposite, it seems to help clear up my skin better. 

Olivella’s Moisturizing oil replenishes   and revitalizes your skin. You can use it on your face or any other area that is feeling dry. 100% virgin Olive Oil is rich in Vitamin A, E, beta carotene and squalene. All are very beneficial for your skins youthfulness and hydration. For more information you can take a look at this product at:


I also have been loving Boscia’s Clear Complexion Treatment With Botanical Blast. This is a highly effective complexion clearing gel. It has a high concentration of Willow Bark Extract to control oil, clear breakouts, and keep up a clear complexion. 

What do I love about this? It is clear, lightweight, and dries fast. So, I put it on the areas of my face that tend to get oily , in the morning, before I apply make up. 

You can find this product at Sephora or at

The newest of these three products is the Dr.Dennis Gross Skincare Active Vitamin D Serum Oil. This is a serum oil created to provide sufficient levels of Vitamin D for the skin. It’s enhanced anti-aging properties include improved skin elasticity and bounce, greater hydration, pore reduction and improved radiance. 

A small dose of Vitamin D for your skin is really important, however, with all the sunscreen products and scare about exposing your skin to the sun , this is the perfect way to get your vitamin D without exposing your skin to too much of the harmful UV rays. 

I feel like this has brightened my skin and making it appear more radiant! I apply this once every morning. It is important with this product and with any of these products mentioned that you apply them correctly. This product only calls for 2 drops tapped into the skin. Active Vitamin D Serum-Oil

Find this at Sephora or


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Skincare: Put You're Best Face Forward

Hey! Happy Memorial Day...hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Here are some easy tips to get glowing skin, and put your best face forward this summer. :)

  1. Drink lots of water- there is nothing better for your skin!
  2. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables- Not only do they have very beneficial vitamins for your skin nutrition but they will help flush out toxins that not only help your skin but your overall body health.
  3. Moisturize- Make sure that you use moisturizer every day, drying out your skin can actually produce more oil which leads to more acne. Hydrated skin is softer, brighter and more radiant. Try MAC's Complete Comfort Creme.
  4. Exfoliate once or twice a week- Exfoliating your skin with a gentle scrub is important to slough off dead skin cells and reveal newer smoother skin.
  5. Give yourself mini facials- There are many products out there that are mini 5 to 10 minute facials that can help reduce oil, boost radiance, hydrate the skin and tone the skin. That's just what the "Comfort Zone Glorious Skin Mask" does. Get glowing skin in 10 minutes. Helps to tighten, tone and moisturize skin leaving it soft and refreshed.  
  6. Use sunscreen- this is pretty self explanatory. There are so many studies that say any more than 15 to 20 minutes can have harmful effects. Try the ECO logical skin care sunscreen. Here are it's benefits!

 :) Have a great week everyone! Talk to you soon.

Love LO

Loving One Love Organics!

Hey Everyone! Today is EASTER!!! The most joyus day for a Christian to celebrate. :) Easter always brings back such great memories for me. Another day we just had was EARTH DAY. I've recently been using a product that is very "earth friendly" and organic and I want to tell you guys all about it.

The company name is One Love Organics.  I saw their product called the "skin savior" being raved about in one of my magazines and immediately knew after seeing it was 100 % waterless that I must try it. See, the thing I've been learning about face wash, body wash, etc is that a lot of times there is a lot of water in the product. Therefore, it dilutes it which means you have to use more of it to get the affect you want. Also, their logo was very cute and caught my eye!!! :)

The Skin Savior is an amazing product and I realized that after having bronchitis for 2 weeks. I received my "skin savior" right before I got sick and decided to start using it while I was sick because my skin was so dry!!! I used it to heal chapped lips, nose and even on my skin and cuticles. Everywhere I put it felt instantly more hydrated. I kept it on my bedside table!  This product really does do it all when it comes to hydration. I'm thinking about getting one for my makeup kit so that when I'm doing makeup, I can put this on the model's lips first thing to make sure they are very hydrated and smooth come lip application! The best part is a little goes a long way, and all the ingredients are natural!

The other product that I have to absolutely rave about is the Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser. I am so picky about my face cleanser, but this one's AMAZING. A drop is all I need to clean, and remove my eye makeup. It's harder than you think to find a face cleanser that removes makeup effortlessly and cleans your face without leaving any greasy residue! LOVE this!


None of these products contain water, so a little goes a long way. All of the products are 100% pure, organic, preservative-free formulas.

Also, the packaging is really cute and classic! I think these look adorable sitting on my bathroom sink. ;)

Go to to learn more.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Easter if you celebrate (I did!)


FTC: These products were provided to me by One Love Organics PR for possible review. I was not paid for this review and my opinions are all my own. My thoughts are honest as always! :)

Lush: Hottie Massage Bar and Daddy-O Violet Shampoo Review

Hey Guys! First things first... today is my sister's birthday!! Happy Birthday Jess! Love you bunches and bunches.

I have written about a couple of Lush products before. Lush is the fresh handmade cosmetics line that is known for the bath products! To date, my favorite product I have tried from lush is the Ocean Salt face polish scrub. I have a blog post about it here:

I recently tried the Hottie Massage Bar. It definitely has a great shape for a massage ...the little bumps within it prove that. Here is a photo:

This bar is infused with black pepper, vanilla and ginger. It smells absolutely delicious. I was very excited about using this but have to say that the bar doesn't last very long. The bumps were used up within about 3 uses which left me with just a flat massage bar. Also, the bar leaves a somewhat sticky greasy feeling on the skin. I think it is supposed to leave a hydrated almost "lotioned up" feeling on your skin which it does. My skin didn't feel dry after using this but it felt a little sticky. I didn't like that.

The positives of this bar are its delicious smell and the cute design which massages your skin in the first couple uses. But, the sticky feeling and how long it lasted were not positives in my opinion.

The other product I recently tried was the Daddy-O violet shampoo. I love violet shampoos for keeping my hair bright and vibrant. This did not disappoint.  

I love the packaging, name and smell of this!! The first thing that was very apparent was the rich lather that you get with it and the absolutely amazing violet smell. I wish all of my shampoos smelled this good. I absolutely LOVE the smell of violet.

There is lemon and lime juice in this product which help add a glossy shine to the hair. This product is for someone with grey or blonde hair and want a brighter color!

The only downside to the Daddy-O shampoo is the price. It is $27.95 for a 16.9 fl oz. But, this is really a great product. And, I really enjoyed the way it left a nice scent to my hair even after blowdrying.

I would recommend the hair products, bath bombs, face scrubs from Lush based off of my experience with them so far.  It looks like they have some really cute things out for Easter!!

Have any of you tried Lush? What's your favorite product? I'd love to get some recommendations!!


AVST 1 -Environ Giveaway Winner! + Dry Hands?

Hey Everyone! I have had lack of internet's been going in and out for a while now. Plus, with all this snow we got here it has thrown a wrench into plans, work and other things.

Anyway, I drew the winner of my Enivron giveaway at random and the winner is....Jess , who's response was this:


What a great giveaway for a lovely blog!! Thank you for the opportunity!

I love Oil of Olay Sensitive Skin facial moisturizer because it’s sensitive, nourishing and can be found anywhere!

As far as the second entry, it looks like AVST goes up to Level 5.

Jess- Congratulations! I think you will love this moisturizer! It's great for sensitive skin. E-mail your shipping address to me asap so I can get this out to you! My e-mail

Don't be discouraged if you didn't win this one..I have more giveaways lined up!


I have a gift idea for someone with dry hands! I talk about this because my hands have been horribly dry and chapped. Here is a product that is fantastic. It's Barielle's Intensive Hand Treatment Cream.  

This product is a hand repair cream that comes with  white gloves to wear to help keep in moisture and repair hands overnight. It is recommended that you microwave the gloves for 10-15 seconds to make them warm before putting them on over the hand cream.

Plus Save 20 % and get free shipping if you spend over 60 dollars with Barielle. The Intensive hand cream retails for $20. Go to : to find out more.

FTC Man- I recieved the Barielle Product to try for possible review. I was not paid and my thoughts are 100 % honest.