Highlights at Home- DIY Recipes

Hey Guys! I found these interesting tips for easy DIY highlights. These tips were given by celebrity hair stylist, Michael Canales. Tell meΒ  your thoughts? Would you try this at home?

Vodka Spritzer

2 parts seltzer 1 part vodka

"Vodka has a clear blue tone to it, so it lightens hair without it going orange. You can also clean out red brassy tones with this mixture," says Michael.

Rum Fizz

2 parts seltzer 1 part rum

"This is how models in Brazil get caramel tones in their hair. They spray a little in their hair and go out in the sun without the hair turning brassy," says Michael.

Sunny Side Up Highlights

Egg yolk, beaten

"Straight egg yolk has the ability to lighten hair because of the natural acids in the yolks. This is what they do in Spain. It gets gooey and sticky though, so you only want to leave it in your hair for an hour," Michael says. "If you apply this with foil or plastic, it's a natural, at-home highlight." Do not sit out in the sun with this mixture, unless you're okay with having scrambled eggs in your hair!

Hope you're all having a fabulous day!!

Love, Lauren