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Talk about Cute Packaging- Boots No.7 Poppy King Limited Edition Lipstick Collection

Hey Guys! Have you been to your local Target and seen the display with these on it??

Look at how adorable this packaging is! I absolutely love bright colors, and polka dots, together they look amazing! This is a limited edition lipstick and lip gloss collection from boots No.7 and Poppy King. King is an Australian entrepeneur who is best known for her company Poppy Industries and her range of cosmetics. King was inspired by Marilyn Monroe for these lipsticks and glosses. 

I tried the shade "glamour", in both the  lipstick and gloss. It is a very sophisticated pink color. Not only has this lipstick formula been one of my favorites, the color is one that I've been wearing all the time. I LOVE it. It has a really pretty sleek purple tube.

The gloss is a really pretty everyday color but is not as long wearing as some other glosses I like. However, it is a really nice sheer formula for something very natural and easy to wear. 

I will definitely be going back to look at the other shades of lipsticks since I love the formula so much. It's very creamy, not too shiny , not too matte and has great color pay off. Here are some photos of what the color "glamour" looks like on. :)













(C) Lovelo Beauty 2012


Lip Love- Succulent Lip Twins by Pixi

Hey Beautiful People,  I just want to tell you all how wonderful and amazing and beautiful you are...don't let anyone tell you differently. It's been about a year now that I've been writing this blog almost strictly about beauty. I'm so thankful to everyone who has stuck around and who continues to read! 

I have a new lip product love!!!!! They are the Succulent Lip Twins by Petra Strand's line Pixi. I am excited about these because they are so rich in color and you all know how hot bright lips are this summer! You hardly need any of the color to really get bright bold lips. My favorite shade of the 4 they come in is the pink peony. The poppy Red is also a very pretty red lip!

The round top is a lip and cheek tint and the squeezy tube is a lip balm. You can wear each alone or together for lasting color. I have never tried the OCC Lip Tar's but I would assume these are somewhat similar. Except, the lip tars are more I've heard.


I think they are definitely worth $18, because a little goes a long way!  They are not sticky or gooey, and they feel great on your lips. You can find these at TARGET stores!!! And, here is the link to the pixi page for more info       

Love- LO

Polka Dot Nail Files, and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear

Hey Guys! So, recently I've been trying out SEVERAL different brands of nail polish from Target to see which Target brand lasts the longest, doesn't chip as fast and has a great selection of colors. Now, this does not include the Essie polish, or Nicole by OPI or any of those higher end nail polish brands they now sell at Target. This is exclusively those under $4.99.

My winner hands down has been Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear. I love the applicator, the colors it comes in, and it definitely wears the longest. It is also a very high shine polish, and is pretty opaque. I never felt like I needed more than 1 or 2 coats, from the colors that I chose, (I've tried about 5 different shades). They come in many colors and retail for $2.99.  That is a great price compared to most nail polish brands out there!

The other day when I was at Target I needed a nail file...I didn't want to spend very much and I found this pack of 3 polka dotted files for $.99! :) Then, I got home and tried to take a photo and this is what happened...

Interview with Napolean of Napolean Perdis Make Up

Hi Guys! You have now seen my interviews with Makeup Artist Jemma Kidd, and Petra Strand of Pixi Make up .

The interview I have to share with you today is with Napolean of Napolean Perdis Makeup, make up artist and creator of the famous line! You can find his products in Target stores and on the website:

Here is my interview with Napolean:

1. How do you get your inspiration for your spring/summer collections?


My inspiration stems from a range of places: my family, friends, fashion, music, art and interior design. But while my eye is focused on trends and popular culture, I’m always committed to translating the directional into the doable each season. Women always want wearable and that’s always top of mind.  

2. What is your favorite spring/summer 2011 trend?

A bold lipstick. Lipstick is very much back and it’s the quickest way to create a super-glam look. Try a ravishing red like NP Set Lipstick in Madrid. The pigment-rich color promises to stay put even as the temps start to rise. Try my beauty trick and line with a pencil after – not before -- you’ve applied lipstick to create a more natural and defined lip look.

3. As a creative person, what are some other creative things you like to do?

I’ve always loved to travel. It could be a weekend getaway to my home in Palm Spring or a trip abroad to Malaysia or Prague, I’m always fascinated by different cities and I love to seek out the beautiful architecture, art and history – it really inspires me.


4. What is your top beauty tip? It can be anything.  


Mascara, mascara, mascara! It’s a beauty godsend and instantly brightens up the eyes and frames the rest of your look. I say apply mascara three times during: A coat right after foundation and concealer, one following eye shadow application and once more after lipstick. Make sure you get the brush right into the base of the lashes for added definition.

 Thank you so much Napolean!







Color, Color, Color ...Inspirational Photos

Hi Girls and Guys! I am so lucky to have so many amazing friends and people who read my blog posts. :) Keep telling me what you love, and I will keep writing as often as possible. If you didn't see, yesterday, I posted an interview I did with makeup artist Jemma Kidd! 

This is unrelated to my post yesterday, but I wanted to show you some photos I found that make me want to wear color all the time! Here are some inspirational "color" photos .

These images just SCREAM Spring and Summer...they put me in the mood for COLOR! :)



Impressed with Sonia Kashuk Spring/Summer 2011

Hi! Target is a great one stop shop. One of the most popular beauty brands at Target is Sonia Kashuk.  Over the past couple of months I've been using some of  the products which I've been quite impressed with.

 I love the nail polishes, they are long-lasting and  vibrant trendy colors. The purple one from the collection below is my favorite!! There is a beautiful coral/orange shade, a bright pink, a nude/concrete shade and a mossy green. You can find them at Target stores!

Her lip glosses and lipsticks come in really bold amazing shades and for $8.99 they're a great deal! They are long-lasting and feel great on your lips. 

The bare minimum pressed bronzer is one of my favorites from the line. Not only does it look beautiful in the packaging but it's perfect for giving a bronzed look or sculpted cheekbones and only $9.99. Here is the website...

Best Hair Tie Discovery.. Scrunci no.slip.grip

Hi Guys!! I was up at a cabin for a couple of days and boy what a blast it was to be in the woods, away from the city and on a mini adventure. We were only there for about a day and a half..but that's all I could get off of work so it had to be that way. Hopefully soon we can get a little more time away...

I recently went and saw a movie with a friend of mine. When we met up she brought me some new hair tie's she had discovered. They are the Scunci no slip grip evolution jelly hair ties. She told me they were the best and her words were " They stay so tight, usually when I work out  I have to wear two of the regular kind , but I only wore one of these and it worked great!"

Scunci No Slip Grip The Evolution Hair Ties 14 Pieces at Local StoresWhen I got home and tried these out, I was amazed at how I only had to wrap it around my hair 3 times and it stayed very tight. It also did not hurt or tangle my hair at all. I have been wearing these ever since! I LOVE THEM. Also, the jelly material will not stretch out over time, so these should last longer than the regular hair ties or bands.

I have read some other review on these and saw that they thicker your hair is the better these work. If you have really fine hair, they may hurt you a bit.. but for those of us who have thicker or a lot of hair these really work wonderful!! I got mine at my local Target. I have heard they are hard to find, but try Target first! :)

Happy Mothers day to all the Moms!! I'm hoping one day I'll be one too.

;) LOVE Lauren

Mossimo® Sojourn Style Luster Weekend Duffle Bag

Hey Everyone! Next month Royce and I are going up to a cabin on a small getaway. I've been thinking that I need a "weekend" bag, a large overnighter that can fit a couple of outfits, makeup, hair stuff, shoes etc.

I was at Target this evening and saw a large duffle bag that I thought would be a perfect overnighter. It's normal price was $39.99 and this week they are on sale for $31.99. It's a great size, and I love that it is all black with gold hardware. It has two hand straps and a large over the shoulder strap.

This was an awesome find and I think it's super cute! There was also one in red and black but I liked the simple black better. If you want to go check it out online you can go to:  :)

Here are some photos!

Just wanted to share! I love Target... :)

Love LO

Shopping Haul April 2011: Target & MAC

Hey Friends! Today was an absolutely beautiful spring day in Minneapolis. I am feeling so good now that the weather is starting to warm up and the sun is starting to stay out longer. I did a little shopping today...nothing huge but I picked up a few items for myself that are all beauty and jewelry! It's so fun to shop and pick up some "fun" items;  I believe that we all need that every once in a while. Even if that just means treating yourself to your favorite drink at  Starbucks!

So before I go on and on , let's get into some photos of the items I picked up from Target and MAC. :)

Let's start with MAC cosmetics. I picked up some cleanse off oil. You can see that on the left here. Cleanse off oil is absolutely amazing at removing all makeup no matter how much you have applied. I use this as my facial cleanser at night. About 2 pumps is all you need and it keeps my dry skin hydrated and I never feel too oily. It washes off nicely.

I picked up the light pink nailpolish on the left called "Ice cream cake". Cute name huh!? This comes out with the "Quite Cute" collection on Thursday April 7. :)

The final 2 things I picked up from MAC are lip pencils in In Sync (a very light baby pink) and Magenta ( A hot fuchia pink). I picked up these two because I thought they'd be a great addition to my collection for spring lip colors!

You all probably know by now...I love Target. I could spend so much money in that place. It get's a little dangerous! Here's what I picked up today :

2 pairs of adorable earrings. I love anything that has hearts. These gold drop earrings with hearts are just so pretty and will go with almost any color outfit! The other pair is silver drop teardrop shaped earrings with turquoise center stones. I love these! I love the color and am very excited to wear them.






The next thing I picked up from Target is an Elf Lip Gloss in the scent and color watermelon. This was $1 !!!!!! You can not beat $1. When I opened the packaging this gloss was in I could already smell the delicious sweet smell of watermelon. It's also just a fun pink for spring!

Last, I picked up two new nail polish colors that I thought would be nice for spring . Both of these were under $2. One is the color Mint sorbet from the Sally Hansen Hard as nails Xtreme wear color collection . The other is the color Dream on from Sinful Colors Professional. This bright purple is great for toes!


There's my fun little shopping spree on display for you guys. Maybe this will give you ideas, or just be an interesting read. Either way, it was fun and I wanted to share it with all of you!!

xoxo, Love LO

Follow up! Target Goodies: Skin Renew & John Frida Go Blonder

Hey Guys! I told you 10 days ago about two things I picked up at Target. Here is the follow thoughts and feelings about these products as I've been using them. And, this time... I LOVE THEM BOTH!

The Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-dark circle roller with a tint (concealer).  I love this product. I got it because I wanted an eye treatment/concealer that's fast and easy and I can carry in my purse. I like this one because it is very cooling. The silver roller ball feels so nice and icy underneath your eye an it's an instant brightener. The concealer in it is a light shade and I'm about an NC20 at MAC. It works perfectly with my skin. I think this concealer/brightener  would be great for fair to medium skin tones since it's going to help brighten the undereye. The concealer is also very light so it's not cakey. ***One thing to be mindful of; when I get this really close to my eye , my eye starts to water a little bit...not too bad, but a little, so don't use too much and if you are very sensitive be mindful. ( I am sensitive though, and it is not to bad...just something to be aware of.) :)


Next, the John Frida Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray. On a grading scale I'd give this product a B+. Here's why...The greatest thing is that for blondes who can't go into the salon every 4 weeks to get their hair touched up it helps to lighten the roots. I have noticed that for me with just 3 uses of this spray my hair looks blonder and my roots blend more. I LOVE this because I don't like the look of dark roots and since I can't afford always getting my hair touched up it's a cheap and easy fix.

The only negative about this product is that it lightens the hair but almost to a little bit more of a yellowish tint (a little brassy). So, what I've been doing is using my purple shampoo in between uses of this product. This helps to brighten the hair a little bit more and leave it less brassy and yellow. I did do a review of a purple shampoo here:

Overall, I would buy this product again.

Here is a video I've really been enjoying today. It's by beauty vlogger Dulce Candy called "How to Shop at a Thrift Store". The reason I love this video is because she gives tips on shopping at a thrift store. And, she shows what she bought on a recent trip. The handbags and clutches she found are to DIE for...and it totally puts me in the mood to go bargain hunting!!!

Enjoy.. I did! [youtube=]

LOVE Lauren

Target Goodies: Skin Renew & John Frida Go Blonder

Hi Guys! A few days ago I went to Target after work. I absolutely love Target and can always find so many good things to buy or look at.

I went there for a specific purpose. I had seen two products on beauty guru reviews that are NEW and looked interesting to me.

The first is the Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller (with a tint).

This product comes non-tinted as well and when I saw the one with concealer I knew I had to try this one! It's an eye treatment for tired puffy eyes plus it has concealer that will lighten dark circles under the eye. A perfect pick me up!

So, I've been using this the last two days and I'm SO impressed. I used it after work one day when my eyes felt tired and it instantly brightened them and the concealer lightened any dark pigment under the eye. It was just like I had thought... an instant little pick me up! Now, I use it right away in the morning when I'm still kinda tired...and also one throughout the day if I need a little extra something. I will probably talk about this again or do another review. I love it so far!

The second product I picked up was the: John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Spray. And, I have a confession to make. This was sold out in my first Target trip. I went to Ulta the very next day and they were sold out too. So, last night, I went to Target (a different one) and they had two left!!! I was so excited to finally find it because I have heard that this is great for dark your blonde hair grows out. I have not tried it yet. But, I will let you know my thoughts once I have an opinion.

Have a great Monday!!



How Important are Makeup Brushes: PART 2

Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a safe last couple days with all of the Halloween festivities and things that people do. Bear was a bear for Halloween , he didn't even have to dress up!

Today, I'm going to be doing part 2 of my last post about the importance of makeup brushes.

I wanted to give you guys a little guide if you are new to buying brushes or just need a refresher on which ones are VERY important. I will be using examples from the Sonia Kashuk Brushes that anyone can purchase at Target stores. I have other favorites that I use and if you guys are interested in knowing those, then please ask me to do a separate post about those.

Here are the brushes I would buy if I were just starting out a kit and these are also the brushes I think make the biggest difference.

2 Powder Brushes. preferably one bigger than the other. One for powder or bronzer and the other for contouring blush or bronzer.

A Duo Fiber Brush. This is what I use to apply liquid foundation. I love the way I can buff  a liquid into my skin and make it look flawless.

A short rounded top eyeshadow brush. You definitely want a basic eyeshadow brush like this one to pack shadow onto the lid or sweep up under the eyebrow.

A long oval eyeshadow buffing brush. This brush is ideal for softly sweeping eyeshadow into the crease of your eye. It will give the effect of a soft diffused shadow.

A pointed oval crease brush. This brush is stiffer than the last and will distribute eyeshadow more intensely in the crease of the eye.

A pointed or angled gel eyeliner brush. If you like gel eyeliner or want a liquid eyeliner that gives you a smooth clean line, a brush like this or even slanted at an angle is a must-have. I have several because you do need to clean these brushes regularly.

And that's it! There are so many brushes out there. Many brushes can do many there is no WRONG way of using a brush...if you can make it work, it just makes you all the more an expert. But, this was a basic guide to show you which brushes I think make the most difference on a basic level.

One more thing about brushes. It is so so so important that once you invest in brushes, you are making sure you take care of them. Clean them out regularly. I use MAC's make-up brush cleaner. But, you can also use a soft soap and lukewarm water and wash them out and leave them on a towel to dry overnight. It is best if you hang them off the edge of a countertop so they don't flatten. Also, never grind them into a paper towel or your hand when cleaning them. The gentler you are , the longer your brushes will last.

These brushes are all from the Sonia Kashuk line. The website is here:

Talk to you all soon. xoxo


How Important is it to use Makeup Brushes?

Hey Guys! How important it is to use makeup brushes? Are they important? Can I just use my fingers...or a sponge or one of those little spongy eyeshadow applicator thingy's. These are questions I actually get all the time. The Importance of Makeup Brushes. And, which ones are worth buying??

Here's my answer:

There are many different companies that make makeup brushes but, we will get to that later.  The first and foremost important thing to know is that Makeup Brushes MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE when doing your makeup. I think that they are essential if you want a more well blended, professional, flawless looking finish.

Many people say, "My makeup doesn't look like yours", "I can't get mine to look the way I want", or just in general, "I'm not good at makeup". My opinion is that if you have a good set of makeup brushes and you are using them, you will get better results.

Synthetic or real hair...doesn't matter. Whatever you like better. Quality is Important though. How the brush is made  and the cost of the brush usually play a big part in a good makeup brush.

Here are some brands that are known for quality and some price ranges for the thrifty to the spendy.

Sonia Kashuk Brushes : These brushes are sold at all TARGET stores. They are good quality and made for the everyday woman to the experienced makeup artist. I have a set that has sleek white handles and here are some of the photos I have of these brushes. You can find just about every style brush you're looking for with the Sonia Kashuk Brand. They are well made and soft. These brushes range from about $4.99 a piece to $9.99.

They are definitely worth checking out if you want some quality brushes that won't break the bank.

Here is the Target Website that sells Sonia Kashuk:

And the Official Sonia Kashuk Site:





 Another Brand to check out is Sigma Cosmetics! Sigma is based out of Minneapolis , MN which makes it an instant LOVE for me s since that's where I'm from.

Sigma has FANTASTIC brushes for FANTASTIC prices. They sell individual brushes as well as sets for home or travel. I LOVE my Premium Travel Kit in Silver. For $59 you get 7 essential brushes with a fold over travel bag and zip pouch inside for additional makeup. Brushes are sold on the Sigma website. Check out their site for more info!

Most of my makeup brushes are from MAC. They are the best of the best. You are paying for quality with these brushes. Real hair, hand-made and they will last you for years!  Check out for more information.

I am going to be doing a PART 2 to this post since I still want to tell you guys what I think the  Top Essential Brushes to have in your kit are! So, stay tuned.

Disclaimer: I received some of these products for possible review. My thoughts are original and honest and I was not paid for this post.

Talk to you all soon!!

xoxoxo LOVELO