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Best Hair Tie Discovery.. Scrunci no.slip.grip

Hi Guys!! I was up at a cabin for a couple of days and boy what a blast it was to be in the woods, away from the city and on a mini adventure. We were only there for about a day and a half..but that's all I could get off of work so it had to be that way. Hopefully soon we can get a little more time away...

I recently went and saw a movie with a friend of mine. When we met up she brought me some new hair tie's she had discovered. They are the Scunci no slip grip evolution jelly hair ties. She told me they were the best and her words were " They stay so tight, usually when I work out  I have to wear two of the regular kind , but I only wore one of these and it worked great!"

Scunci No Slip Grip The Evolution Hair Ties 14 Pieces at Local StoresWhen I got home and tried these out, I was amazed at how I only had to wrap it around my hair 3 times and it stayed very tight. It also did not hurt or tangle my hair at all. I have been wearing these ever since! I LOVE THEM. Also, the jelly material will not stretch out over time, so these should last longer than the regular hair ties or bands.

I have read some other review on these and saw that they thicker your hair is the better these work. If you have really fine hair, they may hurt you a bit.. but for those of us who have thicker or a lot of hair these really work wonderful!! I got mine at my local Target. I have heard they are hard to find, but try Target first! :)

Happy Mothers day to all the Moms!! I'm hoping one day I'll be one too.

;) LOVE Lauren