Ulta Beauty Haul Featuring the Lorac GLOGetter Palette + BONUS My Husbands “Beauty Tips” Video

Hey Guys, I have two videos to post for you today. The first is a recent “Ulta” Haul. There’s been many new makeup collections coming out and fun new colors for Spring and Summer. I decided to pick up a few new things and wanted to share them with you.

One of my finds is the new Lorac GLOgetter Palette which contains beautiful colors for summer!

Here are my Ulta finds:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbHlaQAbbm4?feature=oembed]

You know when someone takes your video camera and decides to make a video and post it on your YOUTUBE CHANNEL?! No? Well..here’s what happened. ;) Hope you enjoy this funny video my husband made.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mR2qPm_y0NU?feature=oembed]


Thanks for reading and watching!

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Eva Perfume and Pin Up Collection by Orly: Two Loves

Hey Guys! I want to share two things I am loving right now in May. The first is a perfume. It is rare that I find a perfume that I'm really crazy about. My favorite scent for a long time now has been Amor Amor by Cacharel. But, that is more a fall/winter scent in my opinion. So, I've been trying out some new perfumes and there is one that I absolutely can't get enough of.

It is actually the Eva by Eva Longoria Fragrance. I always find the "celebrity perfumes" to be questionably. I was never big into the Britney Spears Scents or Paris Hilton fragrances and it seems to be that almost every female celebrity now a days has her own perfume. But- celebrity aside, this scent is SOO good. And, I think it's the perfect Spring/Summer scent.

I have gotten I don't know how many compliments on it...and my husband even says it smells good. And Clean. (haha) which is a good thing.

This perfume was created with allergies in mind, Eva had said she is allergic to most perfumes, so this is very good for those sensitive to perfume-y scents. :)

It smells very light, clean and floraly and sweet. Here are the notes:

Opening notes: citrus, neroli, bergamot tea and aldehydes.

Sustained notes: sheer jasmine, muguet, violet and freesia.

Lingering notes: skin musk, amber and sandalwood

I have noticed, I love the smell of Violets. This has Violet listed as one of the notes which could be a reason I like it!

The other thing I'm loving is the super fun Pin Up Collection by Orly for Summer 2011. There are only 4 shades. But, they are awesome. There are 2 glittery shades and a hot pink and a coral.

The creamy coral shade called "coquette cutie" is my favorite from this collection. You can find these at orlybeauty.com or select Sally's and Ulta stores. They are $7.50 each.

I can see myself wearing these all summer! They are so fun. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!

Do any of you have a favorite perfume or nail polish right now?


Target Goodies: Skin Renew & John Frida Go Blonder

Hi Guys! A few days ago I went to Target after work. I absolutely love Target and can always find so many good things to buy or look at.

I went there for a specific purpose. I had seen two products on beauty guru reviews that are NEW and looked interesting to me.

The first is the Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller (with a tint).

This product comes non-tinted as well and when I saw the one with concealer I knew I had to try this one! It's an eye treatment for tired puffy eyes plus it has concealer that will lighten dark circles under the eye. A perfect pick me up!

So, I've been using this the last two days and I'm SO impressed. I used it after work one day when my eyes felt tired and it instantly brightened them and the concealer lightened any dark pigment under the eye. It was just like I had thought... an instant little pick me up! Now, I use it right away in the morning when I'm still kinda tired...and also one throughout the day if I need a little extra something. I will probably talk about this again or do another review. I love it so far!

The second product I picked up was the: John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Spray. And, I have a confession to make. This was sold out in my first Target trip. I went to Ulta the very next day and they were sold out too. So, last night, I went to Target (a different one) and they had two left!!! I was so excited to finally find it because I have heard that this is great for dark roots...as your blonde hair grows out. I have not tried it yet. But, I will let you know my thoughts once I have an opinion.

Have a great Monday!!



Spongeables, Moroccanoil & 100 % Pure...

Hey Guys! Happy Saturday. I'm working today but I wanted to get a quick post up for you all. There are three things that I have to rave about this morning because I've been using them for the past couple weeks.

The first are Spongeables.  I have this one called the pedi-scrub foot buffer. I use it EVERY day on my feet. It's perfect because you don't have to add soap...and it's good for 20 uses (I think it get's much more than that though...). It cleanses, moisturizes, massages, and exfoliates your feet. It's a great shape for getting in between toes and the two sides are very useful. One for buffing one for cleansing. I think this is such a useful product. They cost about $7.50 a piece and you can get them at Rite Aid, Ulta, CVS and Wal-mart (select stores).

They have other ones for hands, body etc. Check them out on their site. http://www.spongeables.com/web/product.htm

The other product that I have to rave about today is the Moroccanoil for hair. It is an oil treatment that you massage through your ends while your hair is wet. My hair has been SO DRY lately and when I use this on the ends of my hair I feel like it's repairing my split ends. Plus, it leaves my hair very silky and shiny. :) I love this product and have to put it on every time after I shower. I'm not sure on the price on this but you can read more about it on the website: http://www.moroccanoil.com/en/our-products.html

Last but not least, the other product I want to RAVE about is 100 % Pure's green apple nourishing body cream. It smells like a dream. Well, my dream. I LOVE the smell of green apple. Green apple candles, spray, fragrance, lotion, body wash...give me it all. This lotion smells so strong of green apple and feels soft and luxurious on my skin. I love this stuff. I also love that this company uses 100 % natural ingredients. Check it out at the website: http://www.100percentpure.com/

This is what the tube looks like...I couldn't find a picture of green apple...but you get the picture.

I recommend all of these products for Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers. They are Fantastic!!!

Love you guys,


I'm impressed by Sally Hershberger

Hey Guys! I am not the type of girl who spends a lot of money on shampoo and conditioner. I don't spend a lot of money on hair care in general for that matter. I guess that's because,well... hair care products are expensive!! And, if I can use my Thermasilk from Target I'll do that to save money.  But, the thing is, I do notice a HUGE difference when I use nice products on my hair. And, I wish there were more professional lines that weren't so expensive.

I recently got the opportunity to use some Sally Hershberger Products. I have seen her products in stores before and noticed them because of the bright, funky packaging! Look! It's Very eye-catching.

  I was sent multiple products to try for my hair type. Normal to thin. Sally makes a few different lines specified to YOUR hair type. There is Normal to Thin, Normal to thick, Wavy, and All.

I am going to show and tell you which products I currently love and most importantly share with you these two things about the brand:

  • It feels like you are using expensive hair care...everything from the smell, to the texture and way they are applied, and bottles are designed, feels like GOOD quality.
  • Next, the products are not that expensive. As far as hair care goes, these are kinda middle of the road. Shampoo and Conditioner retail for $9.50 a piece.

The Shampoo and Conditioner for Normal to Thin Hair.

I just love the way these look! The packaging is adorable. Any color paired with GOLD in my opinion makes it look very classy and cool. Plus, these smell great, and leave my hair feeling clean , soft and easy to brush through.

 Go With The Blow Thermal Styler. I am crazy about this product. I have been using it each time before I use a hair dryer or straightener.  Makes my hair less frizzy when I use heat. The gel is light, smells nice and has no color. It's not sticky and easy to pump and apply through ends of hair.

Hyper Hydration Super Keratin Spray. This is another one of the products that I just ABSOLUTELY love. My hair has been stressed lately. It's dry because winter is coming... and I can never get too much moisture in it. It feels like it detangles, softens and heals my tangly , damaged hair. I use this almost every time after I shower if I can't comb through my hair.

All of these products can be found on the Sally Hershberger Website: http://sallyhershberger.com/index.html

Otherwise, they are sold also at select Ulta stores, Ricky's NYC, Shoppers Drugmart, DuaneReade and more...

Here is a fun video of Sally Hershberger herself (I found this on Youtube):


 Disclaimer: I recieved these products on a possible review basis. I was not paid for this review and these are my HONEST thoughts and opinions.

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Here's what you win:

Thanks for reading! Talk to you all soon.